Smart Netphone 701 Launching on Sept 1

A couple of days ago, I received an invite from an PR Agencie for the media launch of the Smart Netphone. If I remember it correctly, this device was announced earlier this year. Several months later, Smart Communications is ready to unveil it to the public.

Several tech blogs have been giving a sneak peek of the Netphone 701. Jayvee of A Bugged Life has unboxed the unit (that’s because he is a Smart consultant, I think). The Netphone 701 could pass for an HTC device but Yugatech posted that it is actually a ZTE Blade, rebranded by Smart and further customized by special apps exclusively developed by Smart.

The Smart Netphone 701 seems like a not so powerful Android devices. However, its selling factor will be the  price. Words on the streets say that the Netphone 701 will be very affordable. I won’t guess its price although I have a figure in mind. So, hopefully Smart makes the price of the Netphone 701 really affordable. This will make an impact not only to the sales of the unit but also will gain more popularity for the Android OS. The Smart Netphone is said to be running on Android 2.2 Froyo.

So, who’s excited about the Smart Netphone 701? Hopefully the PR agent who sent me the invite to the launch of this device next week will confirm that I was included on the guest list.

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  1. yup i started consulting for SMART in April this year. I’m involved in their communications and messaging. So I’m not really involved as a blogger.

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