Samsung Galaxy S II SGP Case and SGP Screen Protector


For almost a month, my Samsung Galaxy S II has been in its barest glory. That’s the risk you have to take if you get a phone prior to its official release. So I had to source out the phone’s much needed accessories, namely protective case and screen protector. Before this, I’ve been hearing good feedbacks about SGP products, so I checked out their online site and found a couple of SGS II accessories available.

I bought the SGP Samsung Galaxy S II Case Ultra Silke Series which is made of premium silicone material that protects  the SGS 2 from scratches, damages, and dusts. The case’s surface is coated with high polymer which prevents dust from sticking into the surface and makes it easier for the case to be slipped into my pocket. Nothing fancy about this case. It’s a pretty simple case which provides ample protection for the SGS 2. I got the black case which looks elegant enough and does not add too much bulk to the thin form factor of the SGS II.

For screen protection, I bought the Ultra Oleophobic Screen Protector for the SGS 2. This screen protector has an oil-resistant coating which is just about perfect for protecting from the phone from oil stains, cosmetics and other contaminations. The film also provides good surface protection. But what I really like about this screen protector is the fact that it was so easy to install. This is probably the first time that I managed to install a screen protector on a device almost perfectly – o bubbles!

The SGP Samsung Galaxy S2 Case Ultra Silke Series and Ultra-Oleophobic Screen Protectors are available from the SGP Online Store for $19.99 and $13.99 respectively. If you’re not too comfortable buying online, you can check out AppleWerkz which has a shop along Katipunan Avenue. They have a pretty good selection of SGP accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S 2.

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  1. Hi, thanks for d write up. Im planning on buying one of their products online, how long did it take for the product to arrive here in the phils? Thanks

  2. @Jishi – It took one month before my SGP package reached Manila. I suggest you checked out They carry SGP products.

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