Photovine is the New Instagram, Well Sort of

Google-owned Photovine has just opened up to the public. It was previously on closed beta and the only way you can get in is if Google likes you enough and hand you down an invite. Well, that was before. Right now if you install the Photovine iPhone app, you can now sign up and enjoy vining.

But wait, what is Photovine again? Well, it’s a photo sharing app just like Instagram, PicPlz and others where social networking is done by sharing with the world how good of a photographer you are. If you’re familiar with Instagram you will be able to adapt to Photovine easily. Unlike Instagram though, Photovine doesn’t have those cool photo editing presets that you can apply to your photos before sharing them

But unlike Instagram, Photovine has more sense and directions because you just don’t upload and share photos for the sake of displaying your iPhone photography skills. You upload and share photos based on a central theme that you think others will be able to understand and follow by uploading their photos aligned with the theme.

So for example, you can start a new vine about your daily gadgets, take a photo of your gadgets, upload it to Photovine, tag and describe and wait for other users to upload photos of their gadgets as well. Soon enough, you’ll see your vine grows.

Photovine as it is right now is a pretty promising mobile app. It may or may not kill Instagram depending on how far Google will want to push this app. The app still has some more rooms for improvement. One feature that I will really like to see is of course the photo editing facility, because come to think of it, iPhone photos as they are may not be too enticing. Photo presets add more vibrance and flair.

Photovine is available now as a free download from the App Store.

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