Paying Homage to the Guy Who Got Me into Blogging

This post was inspired by a similar post made by Calvin Lo of Calvin’s Hub. We are not paid or whatsoever to make this blog post. Personally, I just want to highlight the fact that if there’s one Filipino who should be called Tech Junkie, it has got to be the main main himself Abe Olandres of Yugatech.

This brings me to the point of this post. Yes, I’m paying homage to the guy who got me into blogging. Abe has been a good friend of mine since the days of online forums, such as, Manila Tonite, Pinoy Exchange, and of course Rebelde where I met Abe aka Yuga.

So, allow me to tell you a bit about how I got into blogging.

I was maintaning a Livejournal account then which was mainly for personal journaling. Then I stumbled upon or Blogspot. I got the idea to open a new blog using Blogger from a fellow librarian, Von Totanes. My housemate then was also into Blogger. So I created a new blog called Psychedelic Chuva. I was beginning to cover about non-personal topics back then, mostly movies, games, and gadgets.

I was not aware that Abe was also into blogging and that his Yugatech blog is gaining major traction. To make a long story short, I contacted Abe. Got some pointers on how to push my personal blogging “hobby” into mainstream and offered me a blogging post at He didn’t pay me anything to write about my travel experience. He promised to but up to now I still haven’t received any payment in cash or in kind. But I really don’t mind. What he gave me in return for blogging at PTrB was a domain hosting account on his web site hosting company.

In short, the domain was created. By that time, I was getting curious about SEO and blog optimization. I even joined an SEO contest and created a new blog called – Our Paradise Philippines. Unfortunately, I was not too successful with SEO. So, I concentrate on blogging per se.

The rest as they say is history. I’ve been a tech blogger for several years now and I still see myself blogging until my retirement years. For as long as there are new gadgets to write about, I will always be around to write about them.

Being a blogger on the side did not earn me millions, but rather made me part of a worldwide community where I can freely express myself. Blogging gave me another life aside from my corporate, daytime life.

Everything that I’ve accomplished as a blogger, I owe it all to one person I consider my tech blogging guru – Abe Olandres aka Yuga of Yugatech.

To return the favor, I will like to ask every Filipino who might stumble upon this post to please help me in putting Abe to the Pedestal. Vote for him on the Globe Tatt Awards. He is nominated under two categories. You may vote for him in both, but please make sure to vote for him in the Tech Junkie category because no one else deserve it that him.

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