Capdase Folio Dot Case for iPad 2 Review

capdase folio dot ipad 2 case review 1

This iPad 2 case is very slim as compared with other folio case. The reason? While most iPad 2 folio case that we’ve seen uses a hard case fitting, the Capdase Folio Dot Case is a full-leather case. As such, you need to insert your iPad inside, similar to the original iPad case.

The case is made from stylish pattern material and is as far as we can say is well crafted. Like most iPad 2 cases, it has all the necessary cut-outs to reveal the iPad 2’s ports and other peripherals including the camera, USB port, volume rocker, power on/sleep button and the cut-out for the front-facing camera.

For those who are enamored by the Apple Smart Cover because of the magnet materials that activate the iPad from sleep mode and puts it off when covered, well the Capdase Folio Dot case for iPad 2 also has the same feature. Another nice feature of this iPad 2 case is that it also serves as a stand that lets you position your iPad 2 at a convenient angle. The case also has a suede lining that prevents scratches on your iPad 2.

The red Capdase Folio Dot case  matches the white iPad 2. Since it’s a folio case, the front panel was partially covered which we don’t mind at all since part of the white lining is still revealed.

My only gripe about this iPad 2 case is that it doesn’t seem to lay flatly when closed. Although the sleep/on activation still works despite this issue.

If you’re looking for a nice, slim case that won’t add bulk or weight to your iPad 2, the Capdase Folio Dot case should definitely be your top choice.

The Capdase Folio Doc case for iPad 2 retails for Php1,750. We got if from Digital Walker in Eastwood Mall. It’s available in white, green, black and red design.

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Smart Netphone Retail Price is Php 9,990!

smart netphone available

Smart Communications has officially opened the Smart Netphone subsite. And here are some important things that you need to know about the Netphone.

  • Retail price is Php 9,990.00
  • It will be preloaded with Smartnet, a suite of apps made specifically by Smart
  • It will be preloaded with Smart Center for checking postpaid bill or prepaid balance and more
  • It will have Netphone Messenger or BBM-like messaging app
  • It will have FX messaging, or emotive messaging
  • Its social stream will integrate Twitter and Facebook account (like Samsung’s Social Hub)
The Smart Netphone will be available under Smart’s various postpaid plans as follow:
and Smart Data Lite Plan for the Netphone:
and Smart Netphone’s Data Unli Plan
For prepaid packages, there will be four packages available – power pack, connect pack, value pack and budget connect pack.
Honestly, it’s a pretty interesting Android phone combined with a Smart’s mobile services. So, are you getting one? If yes, I think the pre-ordering has already started. Click here.
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Samsung Galaxy Player YP-GT170 aka Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 Review

Quite honestly, it’s a bit difficult to categorize the Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0. It lies in-between being a smartphone and a tablet. Is it a mobile internet device? a portable media player? or a mini tablet, if ever there is such a thing. For now, let’s just take this as a media player which is how Samsung is marketing the device. The closest device available in the market right now to the Galaxy S Wi-Fi 5.0 is the Dell Streak 5.

The Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 as you might have guessed by now sports a 5-inch form factor, making it smaller than the original Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 and slightly bigger than the Samsung Galaxy S II.

When it comes to design, the Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 sports a solid build with its glossy polymer back part. The back part’s white color gives this device a classy look which attracts attention from people who sees it.

Upfront is a 5-inch display which is bigger than the SGS II’s screen display and the usual black frame surrounding the screen. On the upper part of the screen is the speakers and the VGA front-facing camera. While on the lower part of the screen is the physical home button, in-between the back and settings controls. If you’re familiar with the SGS II, it’s practically the same screen display, only this time, the Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 is wider and bigger.

The Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 has a WVGA, multi-touch Super Clear LCD with 800×480 resolution. It’s not Super AMOLED Plus like the SGS II, I know. But you’ll understand why once you’ve learned that this device is relatively cheaper. The display is bearable when you used the device in direct sunlight, just like the Samsung Galaxy S II.

The device runs the stock Android 2.2.1 Froyo. No words yet on whether Samsung is planning to release an update pack for Android 2.3 Gingerbread. I’m guessing that Samsung won’t bother updating it anymore since it was not as popular as the Samsung Galaxy S II. Still, if you don’t mind using Android 2.2 despite knowing the fact that there is Gingerbread, you’ll appreciate how Froyo performs on the Galaxy S WiFi 5.0’s 1GHz processor. Anyway, you’ll still get a load of default Google Apps with it including GTalk, Gmail, Android Market, Google Search and more.

As I mentioned, Samsung is marketing this device more of as a media player, along the lines of the iPod Touch. So to make the sound quality delivered by the device, Samsung employed the Sound Alive technology. The result comes off impressive especially with the presence of variable sound presets that you can use when listening to different music genres. Of course, the device comes with a default music player which is pretty decent and can compete with third-party Android music players in terms of features and interface. The Music Player displays thumbnails of your music albums whenever present. What it lacks though is the cool scrolling feature of the iPod Touch when browsing for music using the album thumbnails. But, it’s a minor letdown and you can remedy this by installing other music player apps of your liking.

The Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi features a 3.2MP camera that can take decent-quality photos (see sample shots below). It’s not as powerful as the 8MP of the Samsung Galaxy S II, and the 5MP camera of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 but it can record 720p HD videos and play them as well. It supports various movie file formats including MP4, 3GP, AVI, WMV, ASF, MKV, and FLV. The device also has a VGA front-facing camera which is good enough for Video Calls.

For storing media, the Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 gives you 8GB/16GB options. That’s not enough if you’re going to use this device as your primary portable media player. The good news is that it has a microSD card slot. So, you can just opt to spare around 3K to get a decent quality 32GB microSD card.

For gaming purposes, the device’s graphics and speed won’t disappoint you. Graphics-heavy Android games will play well on the Galaxy S WiFi 5.0. This is good news since, its size makes this device a pretty good portable gaming device, unlike its bigger brothers – the 7-inch Galaxy Tab and the Galaxy Tab 10.1. I have yet to test this device’s battery life to find out whether Samsung’s claim of 60 hours audio and 8 hours of video is really true. Will validate it once I’ve loaded some movies this weekend.

Overall, I’m pretty much satisfied with the Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 as a portable media device. The browsing capability is an added bonus plus several others functions that the device will let you do (e-reader, notetakes, diary, etc.). For its price point (available locally for Php 12,990.00), it’s a pretty good device to spend on. What you’ll like about this device is that despite its price, it doesn’t look cheap at all. On the contrary, it looks classy and elegant.

Too bad, Samsung is not marketing this device properly. It could very well compete with the iPod Touch if given the right attention by Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 is available now locally. I just checked out the stores in SM Megamall Cyberzone and almost all have it on display.

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Smart Netphone 701 Launching on Sept 1

A couple of days ago, I received an invite from an PR Agencie for the media launch of the Smart Netphone. If I remember it correctly, this device was announced earlier this year. Several months later, Smart Communications is ready to unveil it to the public.

Several tech blogs have been giving a sneak peek of the Netphone 701. Jayvee of A Bugged Life has unboxed the unit (that’s because he is a Smart consultant, I think). The Netphone 701 could pass for an HTC device but Yugatech posted that it is actually a ZTE Blade, rebranded by Smart and further customized by special apps exclusively developed by Smart.

The Smart Netphone 701 seems like a not so powerful Android devices. However, its selling factor will be the  price. Words on the streets say that the Netphone 701 will be very affordable. I won’t guess its price although I have a figure in mind. So, hopefully Smart makes the price of the Netphone 701 really affordable. This will make an impact not only to the sales of the unit but also will gain more popularity for the Android OS. The Smart Netphone is said to be running on Android 2.2 Froyo.

So, who’s excited about the Smart Netphone 701? Hopefully the PR agent who sent me the invite to the launch of this device next week will confirm that I was included on the guest list.

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Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO

In case it matters to you, let me break the news that Apple’s CEO, the famous Steve Jobs has just resigned from his post. In a short note to Apple employees and the whole Apple Community including each and every one of us who owns a single Apple product, Steve Jobs has recommended Tim Cook, Apple’s Chief Operating Office, Tim Cook to replace him as CEO.  Apple’s Board of Directors has been elected now as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Apple.

There. So, who’s going to miss Steve Jobs in the next Apple event?

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Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman Arrives in the Philippines in December

I covered Sony Ericsson’s announcement of the new Live with Walkman phone a couple of days ago on not thinking of whether it will be made available here in Manila. Well, I just got word from the Sony Ericsson PR manager that it will be coming over to Manila sometime in December, in time for the Holiday season.
The Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman, is an Android 2.3 Gingerbread-powered phone boasting 3.2-inch screen, 1GHz processor, front-facing camera, 5MP AF camera that can capture 720p HD video and is equipped with Sony’s xLOUD sound technology.
If you’ve been a fan of previous Sony Ericsson Walkman phone, you will surely like this one as it puts the Android flavor into the series as well as some social networking features.
 December is still a few months away, so you’ll have time to save up for the Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman phone. Unfortunately, Philippine pricing is not available yet.


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Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0, Is it tablet? a Phone? a MID? or a Car?

Just got the Samsung Galaxy S WiFI 5.0 earlier from the Samsung Fashion Walk at Greenbelt 5. There were few crowds who were lining up since it was raining hard. So, lined up to claim my pre-order earlier. There were a couple of people who are also getting the same device, mostly teen-agers. 🙂 There were more people getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The Samsung girl who assisted me even asked me why I was not getting the Tab 10.1 instead. Told her of course that I already has one.

Anyway, my first impressions upon opening up the Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 box was that, it’s like the smaller version of the original Galaxy Tab. The Galaxy S WiFi is not a phone, it’s also not a tablet given its size. It similar to the Dell Streak 5. If I remember it correctly, Sammy is marketing this device as an iPod Touch rival – so it’s more of a media player.

The Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 does not have a 3G module so you’ll need a WiFi network to get it connected online. It runs Android 2.2 and I have no idea whether it can be upgraded to Android 2.3 Gingerbread. I really hope it can. I got the 8GB model but upon checking out the Settings, it says that there is only 5GB space available. The device also has a microSD card slot so if you are planning to use it a media player, a 32GB microSD card would be needed.

Other things that I like about the Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 is the fact that it is so lightweight. The white back panel also gives it a nice look and appearance. Like the Samsung Galaxy S II, there is only one physical button up front. The package also comes with an in-ear headphone. This is aside from the Urban Ears Plattan Headphone which comes free with the device.

Overall, I’m pretty much satisfied with the Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0. It’s portability is a plus factor for me. I think I will be bringing it more than the Galaxy Tab 10.1 now. In fact, I’m thinking of selling the Tab 10.1 and replace it with the Asus Transformer instead. 🙂

By the way, the Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 retails for Php 12,990.00. It’s almost the same price as the 16GB iPod Touch 5th gen when it was launched.

Will have a more detailed review of the Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 as soon as I’ve put this baby to more use in the coming days.

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Samsung Galaxy S II SGP Case and SGP Screen Protector


For almost a month, my Samsung Galaxy S II has been in its barest glory. That’s the risk you have to take if you get a phone prior to its official release. So I had to source out the phone’s much needed accessories, namely protective case and screen protector. Before this, I’ve been hearing good feedbacks about SGP products, so I checked out their online site and found a couple of SGS II accessories available.

I bought the SGP Samsung Galaxy S II Case Ultra Silke Series which is made of premium silicone material that protects  the SGS 2 from scratches, damages, and dusts. The case’s surface is coated with high polymer which prevents dust from sticking into the surface and makes it easier for the case to be slipped into my pocket. Nothing fancy about this case. It’s a pretty simple case which provides ample protection for the SGS 2. I got the black case which looks elegant enough and does not add too much bulk to the thin form factor of the SGS II.

For screen protection, I bought the Ultra Oleophobic Screen Protector for the SGS 2. This screen protector has an oil-resistant coating which is just about perfect for protecting from the phone from oil stains, cosmetics and other contaminations. The film also provides good surface protection. But what I really like about this screen protector is the fact that it was so easy to install. This is probably the first time that I managed to install a screen protector on a device almost perfectly – o bubbles!

The SGP Samsung Galaxy S2 Case Ultra Silke Series and Ultra-Oleophobic Screen Protectors are available from the SGP Online Store for $19.99 and $13.99 respectively. If you’re not too comfortable buying online, you can check out AppleWerkz which has a shop along Katipunan Avenue. They have a pretty good selection of SGP accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S 2.

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Photovine is the New Instagram, Well Sort of

Google-owned Photovine has just opened up to the public. It was previously on closed beta and the only way you can get in is if Google likes you enough and hand you down an invite. Well, that was before. Right now if you install the Photovine iPhone app, you can now sign up and enjoy vining.

But wait, what is Photovine again? Well, it’s a photo sharing app just like Instagram, PicPlz and others where social networking is done by sharing with the world how good of a photographer you are. If you’re familiar with Instagram you will be able to adapt to Photovine easily. Unlike Instagram though, Photovine doesn’t have those cool photo editing presets that you can apply to your photos before sharing them

But unlike Instagram, Photovine has more sense and directions because you just don’t upload and share photos for the sake of displaying your iPhone photography skills. You upload and share photos based on a central theme that you think others will be able to understand and follow by uploading their photos aligned with the theme.

So for example, you can start a new vine about your daily gadgets, take a photo of your gadgets, upload it to Photovine, tag and describe and wait for other users to upload photos of their gadgets as well. Soon enough, you’ll see your vine grows.

Photovine as it is right now is a pretty promising mobile app. It may or may not kill Instagram depending on how far Google will want to push this app. The app still has some more rooms for improvement. One feature that I will really like to see is of course the photo editing facility, because come to think of it, iPhone photos as they are may not be too enticing. Photo presets add more vibrance and flair.

Photovine is available now as a free download from the App Store.

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Samsung’s iPod Touch Challenger Has Arrived, Pre-Order the Galaxy S WiFi 5 Now!

I’ve been waiting for Samsung to bring this media player in the Philippines since it was launched in Korea several months back. I’m referring to the Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5 which is a 5-inch media player ready to take Apple’s almighty iPod Touch. The Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5 obviously runs on Android OS (hopefully it’s not later than Froyo 2.2). It has both the standard Google mobile apps which includes Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube and GTalk. Running along side are Samsung’s own apps which can be accessed via the Samsung Hub.

The Samsung Galaxy S WiFi features a 5-inch LCD full touchscreen display. It is also loaded with Samsung’s All Share app which lets you connect the device onto a supported Samsung HDTV. To ensure that you’ll have a nice listening experience, the Galaxy S WiFi 5 also feature SoundAlive technology and 1.3w Stereo Speaker. Battery life of the device is said be something around 60 hours of audio and eight hours of video  plus storage options of 8 or 16GB on-board memory and support for microSD card. You also don’t need to worry about performance since the device is equipped with a 1GHz processor. Other features of the Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5 include Samsung’s Social Hub and video and voice call over Wi-Fi.

In other words, this device is pretty much like your usual Samsung smartphone minus the data module which allows you to send text and make phone calls over mobile data lines.  The device would fit those who don’t want a bigger screen display for their portable device.

The Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5 is currently being offered on pre-order by Samsung. It’s available for the promo price of Php 12,990.00 if you pre-order online. Samsung is also giving away an Urban Ears Headphone to go with the Galaxy S WiFi 5. You can then pick up your device come Sunday, August 21, 2011 at the Fashion Walk, in Greenbelt 5 between 8am to 8pm.

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