Google+ is Shaking Up the Social Media Sphere

If I remember it correctly, it’s almost two weeks now (or more?) since Google has introduced its social networking service, Google+. As of today, there are probably more than 18 million users of Google+ already. And Google has yet to release this to the public. The more than 18 million Google+ users just grew through the “by-invitation” process that Google employed to build the Google+ userbase. Hence, at the growth that it is growing, the social media has suddenly shaken up by Google+.

Many were not expecting Google’s social networking service would be quite a hit. Many thought it will be just like Google Wave and Google Buzz which never really took off. But then, the inevitable happened – Google managed to successfully launch a new social networking service which in time will give Facebook and Twitter, two of the most popular social networking/social media services a run for their money.

Gradually, Google+ is carving its niche in the social media sphere. Although it’s still not allowed, several businesses have sneaked in and managed to create an account for their companies. Can you imagine how the userbase of Google+ will grow once businesses such as web hosting providers, restaurants, brand companies and others are allowed to create their Google+ account? I could just imagine how threatened Facebook and Twitter is right now.

If you’re running a business, especially technology-related and you want to promote your products or brands, Google+ is the right place to do so. Currently, the Google+ ecosphere is inhabited by geeks and techies who are actively interacting with one another, sharing information and links they find cool and interesting for fellow geeks.

Google+ will soon compete with Facebook in the brand advertising space. Google lives by its advertising revenue. So, expect Google to leverage on the growing popularity of Google+ and once the business model is in place, expect business companies ranging from the technical ones such as those offering dedicated servers to the more consumer-based products such as food and beverages among others – to come knocking on your Google+ account’s door asking you to add them to your Circles.

Google+ is shaking up the social media ecosphere, there’s no doubt about that. How other social media sites are going to react will be quite interesting to find out.

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