Smart Telecoms Now Accepting Pre-Orders for HTC Chacha Facebook Phone

I was supposed to attend the launching of the HTC Chacha last Wednesday at Resorts World but due to some reason I didn’t make it to the event. I heard that it was a huge success with all the celebrities and the raining HTC phones that were given to the participant. Anyway, now that the HTC Chacha phone has been launched, Smart Telecoms has also started accepting pre-orders for the said Facebook phone.

The HTC Chacha, for the benefit of those who are not aware, is a mid-level smartphone which has one major feature – a special button that launches the Facebook app. Other features of the HTC Chacha include 5MP camera, 480×320, 2.6 inch Gorilla Glass Display, VGA front-facing camera, and powered by an 800MHz processor. It’s a QWERTY phone with the cute blue “f” button just below the keyboard.

Smart Telecoms is offering the HTC Chacha under its various data plans. You can have it with a 100MB data for Php 1000/monthly, or on various unlimited data plans which range from Php 1,500 and above.

Pre-ordering online runs until July 17 with the expected availability scheduled on the 20th of July.

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