Eat N Split is Another Android App Proudly Developed by a Pinoy

In the spirit of “bayanihan” I’m featuring another Android app made by a fellow Pinoy. The app called Eat N Split is similar with KKB which is an Android app that will help you split the bill. The app goes by a catchy tag line – “split your bills in style!” Well, true enough upon checking the app, I immediately saw user stylish user interface. I will have to give credit to the app’s developer for making the app’s interface fun and appealing.

The app works simply as well. All you need to do is to add items including bill items, item price, item quantity and item name. You can also add items to people or add taxes and tips by entering percent and name. After entering those information, the app will then split the bill per person including taxes, tips and items.  Easy, right? Well, I can’t imagine any other possible way of  adding more to an app of this type anyway.

Eat N Split is available as a free download from the Android Market. Hopefully, this post helps you get some significant number of downloads. Good luck guys!


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