Motorola XOOM Available in Manila, Philippines

motorola xoom in manila

So I was roaming around SM Megamall this afternoon when I saw this Motorola XOOM booth in Mega Building B, It’s right infront of the second entrance from the old SM Supermarket. I immediately peeked around and lo and behold there it was, the Motorola XOOM in the flesh. I was able to “touch” and play around with the demo unit and the first thing I noticed upon holding the XOOM is that it was a bit heavy. It was almost the same weight as the iPad 2 or perhaps heavier. Or maybe because I’m using the Galaxy Tab 10.1 more often these past few days so I was not used to a heavier tablet now.

Anyway, the Motorola XOOM on sale is running Android 3.0 unlike the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 which is already in 3.1. They both have the Wi-Fi only and 3G versions of the Motorola XOOM on sale. Price tag is I think around Php 30K for the 32GB Wi-FI only and $33-36 for the 3G version (not sure about this price, these are as far as I can remember). The good news here is that they are offering the XOOM on installment basis for 12 months. So, if you’re eyeing to get a new Android tablet, you might want to check out the Motorola XOOM booth in Megamall.

I’ll be back there tomorrow and I’m bringing my Galaxy Tab 10.1 to compare it with the XOOM.

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  1. wants to know where i can buy the charger of this motorolla xoom difficult to buy…. please reply me asap thanks and God bless

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