Huawei Unveils the 7-inch MediaPad Android 3.2 Tablet

Still waiting for Samsung to update its original Galaxy Tab into a dual-core, Honeycomb machine? Well, sorry to disappoint you folks but I don’t think it’s going to happen. You’re best into owning a 7-inch tablet is probably the HTC Flyer. Unfortunately, it’s uncertain as to when it will be released in the Philippines. Well, you’ve got another option. Although it’s still certain that this will be released in the Philippines, the fact that Singapore is nearer to America makes me feel positive that the new Huawei MediaPad will be coming our way soon.

Pretty exciting news indeed, as Huawei officially launched the MediaPad this afternoon in Singapore. I was able to catch a few minutes of the launchcast as well as got some nice information about the Huawei MediaPad. For more details check out Android News Hub.

Or enjoy some more high-res, official product photos of the Huawei MediaPad Android tablet.

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