Paid Android Apps Now Available in the Philippines

This is it folks. After I posted that the Android Market website has started showing paid apps in Philippine peso a couple of weeks ago, some of you pointed out that I might be running Market Enabler that’s I was saying those paid apps. So, to verify this issue further, I decided to uninstall the Market Enabler app after reading in that paid apps are indeed already available now for the Philippines Android Market.

And there it was. My Nexus One no longer has the Market Enabler installed. I check out the Android Market app on my phone but the default pages are showing free apps. So what I did was to tap on the Games tab, and there on the upper portion of the screen are three apps categories, “Paid Apps,”, “Free Apps,” and “Just In.” And guess what, the paid apps are priced in Philippine peso. I have yet to check out if you can really purchase those apps because I can’t find a nice app or game to download just yet. But I’m pretty sure it will work if you have registered a credit card account in your Google Checkout account.

Anyone tried purchasing apps from the Android Market?

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  1. I would never pay for an app! haha
    Ang mahal kaya! Para lang yan sa mga dollars people..haha
    Even if 5 pesos pa yan.. I’d still have second thoughts buying Android apps that might not work perfectly or have bugs.

  2. This is good news indeed! Been buying Android apps for so long now and it kills me that I would have to enable market access/enabler even just to update my apps. And the quality of the apps nowadays are just outstanding. Great apps + flexibility of Android just affirms why it’s the world’s number one mobile platform!

    @TF: You should try buying even just one. You won’t regret it.

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