Apple iPad 2 Available in Manila on April 29?

Tech-heavy site, is breaking the news that the iPad 2 will be arriving in Manila on April 29. That’s 6 days from today. Although no official announcement was cited, the site said that their information came from a reliable source and knowing these folks, I’m pretty sure that their claim is pretty accurate. Also, according to them, all models of the iPad 2 will be available on April 29 except of course for the Verizon models.

The iPad 2 will be available for sale on the following authorized Apple distributors, Digital Hub, PowerMac, iStudio, Switch and A-Shop. But considering how limited supply will be, I’m pretty sure that it will be hard scoring an iPad 2 on April 29. So, better use all your connections and try to get a reservation from any of these shops. Prices are not yet released. But considering that US iPad 2 prices were similar to the launch prices of the original iPad, prices of the iPad 2 will be pretty much in the same range.

If you’re still contemplating whether to get the iPad 2 or not, read my iPad 2 review here.

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  1. I called up PowerMac MegaMall this afternoon. It’s confirmed, iPad 2 will be available in their stores on April 29th starting at 10am.

  2. iPad 2 will not only be launched in Apple Stores, they will also launch in Avant Greenbelt4 and Electroworld Parksquare. Simultaneous with the other Apple stores.

    Both these stores already have iPad 1 Apple-approved displays.

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