iPad 2 Now Available Online from Apple Store Philippines

Finally, as previously reported the iPad 2 release in more countries including the Philippines pushed through. You can now grab an iPad 2 from the Philippine Apple Store online. Pricing details for all models of the iPad 2 are pretty much the same as what was reported yesterday. Unfortunately, here’s the bad news – shipping time for the iPad 2 ordered online is pegged within 1-2 weeks. So, if you’re in a hurry to own the iPad 2, getting it online may not be your best option. So, it would be better to troop to your favorite Apple Authorized Resellers as early as you can to ensure that you’d get your iPad 2 the earliest time possible.

So, who’s lining up tomorrow at Digital Hub, PowerMac, iStudio, Switch and A-Shop?

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It’s Official, iPad 2 Will Be Available in Manila, Philippines on April 29

Alright folks. Nobody expected this too happen that soon. Yes, in case you’re not reading the news – the iPad 2 will be available in our beloved country starting Friday, April 29. Interestingly, Apple has decided to include us in the next batch of iPad 2 releases, together with Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Korea and 8 more countries. This was not the case when the original iPad was released. In fact, it was released several months after the original iPad became available in other countries.

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Sony Launches the S1, S2 Android 3.0 Honeycomb Tablets

Now, here’s something that can easily match up against the Apple iPad in terms of design and appearance. Sony Electronics has just unveiled not just one but two Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablets – the S1 and S2. The Sony S1 Tablet has a 9.4-inch display while has 5.5-inch. The S1 looks like your typical tablet/slate with a rounded design on its back panel which could possibly serve as a viewing stand.  The S1 sports a rather slim and sleek form factor. Kinda reminds you of Sony’s VAIO  laptop series.

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Apple iPad 2 Available in Manila on April 29?

Tech-heavy site, Technoodling.net is breaking the news that the iPad 2 will be arriving in Manila on April 29. That’s 6 days from today. Although no official announcement was cited, the site said that their information came from a reliable source and knowing these folks, I’m pretty sure that their claim is pretty accurate. Also, according to them, all models of the iPad 2 will be available on April 29 except of course for the Verizon models.

The iPad 2 will be available for sale on the following authorized Apple distributors, Digital Hub, PowerMac, iStudio, Switch and A-Shop. But considering how limited supply will be, I’m pretty sure that it will be hard scoring an iPad 2 on April 29. So, better use all your connections and try to get a reservation from any of these shops. Prices are not yet released. But considering that US iPad 2 prices were similar to the launch prices of the original iPad, prices of the iPad 2 will be pretty much in the same range.

If you’re still contemplating whether to get the iPad 2 or not, read my iPad 2 review here.

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Apple iPad 2 Review

You’ve seen Apple’s promotional videos, you’ve watched Steve Jobs launching it and by now you’re probably waiting for the official announcement on when the iPad 2 will be available in Manila, Philippines. Unfortunately, we don’t know for sure. Most probably sometime around June or July? But as you all know, I’m an avowed Apple fanboy. So I couldn’t wait that long so I ordered the iPad 2 when it was made available on the Apple Online Store (US).

To cut a long story short – I’m now a proud owner of the slimmer, sleeker, lighter and faster iPad 2. I’ve been using it for almost a week now – games, email, web browsing, watching movies, listening to music and then more games. So, here’s my take on the Apple iPad 2 review. (Yes, you have to click that link as I published the review on iPad News Hub)

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