Apple iPad 2 Arrives in Manila, Unboxing Photos and First Impression

Finally, the Apple iPad 2 I ordered from the U.S. Apple Online Store the first day it became available arrived. Thanks to a high school friend who volunteered to bring my iPad 2 from the U.S. to Manila free of charge. That saved me around Php 3000 in shipping charges if I went through the Johnny Air Cargo process. (Thanks Jun Bautista!).

Anyway, what was my first impressions of the iPad 2? Two things – the iPad 2 is thinner and faster than the previous iPad. From its form factor, overall design, and weight – Apple definitely did its homework and tried to make as much changes as it can to the original iPad. So, the iPad 2 looks better, weighs better, and performs better than the original iPad.

Will post a full review at iPad News Hub once I get to play around with this baby in a couple of days. In the meantime, have a feast on the unboxing photo gallery below.

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  1. I was about to sell my ipad1 and buy ipad2 at the grey market but the price really turns me off 16g wifi cost 35k so i was about to add around 25k so i ended up buying galaxy tab for 21k instead and keep my ipad. Its just having best of both world. I know by the time it will be officially release here price will be around 20k and thats the time i will upgrade and in the mean time enjoyimg my phone\ tablet for now.

  2. @Wreek88 – If I wasn’t able to get the iPad 2 straight from the US Apple Store, I would have bought the Samsung Galaxy Tab as well. It’s a great device and the 7-inch size is definitel very portable and handy. Enjoy your TAB!

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