Angry Birds iPhone 4 Case Bought from Funan Digital Mall

So I was finally able to check out Funan Digital Mall in Singapore a couple of days ago. For your information this mall happens to be one of the gadget hubs of Singapore and true enough you’ll find 5 floors full of gadget stores ranging from laptops, netbooks, tablets, mobile phones and other accessories. 

I was actually looking for a couple of things when I visited the mall, particularly the Google Nexus S, Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab. I did found the Samsung Nexus S but the price was too stiff (around Php 30K). LIkewise, the Samsung Galaxy Tab was also priced quiet high (around 32K). If don’t know that the Galaxy Tab is already available in Manila for Php21K, I would have bought it in Singapore. As for the Nexus S, I could probably get it at a lower pricer if I order direct from Best Buy. That includes shipping and taxes.

As for the Motorola XOOM, unfortunately it was not yet available in Singapore.

Anyway, my impression of Funan Digital Mall is just ok. It’s like Virra Mall in Greenhills actually. As for my loot? Well guess what I got?


A red Angry Birds iPhone 4 case that’s really shiny. Got it for $39 Sing. Unfortunately the following day I found the same case being sold for only $19 in Vivo City. Too bad!


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  1. Hello , may I know which shop that you found the angry birds casing for $19 ? Because I would also like to purchase it. Thanks ! (;

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