Sony Launches its Internet TV in the Philippines

Recently, Sony has launched its new series of Bravia TVs in the Philippines, including its much touted Internet TV. According to Sony, its Internet TV combines the big screen impact of HDTV and full Internet search in delivering a new entertainment for Filipinos.  The Sony Internet TV also allows you to seamlessly search your favorite TV programs and web sites on the same screen.

More details about the Sony Internet TV are in the official press release, attached below.


This summer, Sony is redefining the way you view television.

If in the past, you would just sit on your couch and browse through TV channels until you find something you like, starting today, you can now decisively determine the shows that get aired on your TV. Believe in a TV that can search for different kinds of content, from the popular to the obscure. Imagine the expansive, almost endless, content universe that is the internet, and believe in entering into this goldmine of programming, without leaving your home. Believe in the paradigm shift taking over the
TV viewing landscape, transforming it from a passive experience into one that is not just active, but
Sony is bringing you a new way of being entertained, as the global leader brings you, the fusion of
“Sony Internet TV combines the big-screen impact of HDTV and full Internet search to deliver an
unrivalled entertainment experience,” said Takao Kuroda, President and Managing Director, Sony
Philippines. “Finally, you can seamlessly search your favorite TV programs and web sites on the same
Because of Sony’s hardware, software and engineering expertise which provide a unique user
experience, merging multiple content sources in one easy-to-use interface. From broadcast to streaming
video from the World Wide Web, Sony Internet TV offers the ability to quickly search and watch content
from wherever, whenever.

“We are very proud to bring this new entertainment category by delivering the true Internet TV
experience. Sony Internet TV creates value by introducing new and compelling ways to enjoy a variety of
content. You can now enjoy watching YouTube™, cheering friends in Facebook™, twitting your followers in Twitter™ or even chatting with your relatives and friends in Skype™ right in your living room without even booting your PC.” added Larry Secreto, National Sales Director, Sony Philippines.
Sony Internet TV leads the new array of BRAVIA TVs available in the Philippines, launched as part of the Sony Philippines,  expanding consumer options to fulfil their vision of 3D and HD Worlds created by Sony.
Continuously inspiring the dreams of home entertainment enthusiasts, Sony Philippines also introduced new connected Blu-ray Disc players, the BDP-S380 and BDP-S485, and a new Sony 3D Blu-Ray Disc Home Theater, designed for discerning consumers looking for optimal 2D or 3D entertainment
experiences. The wide product roll-out showcases the company’s unique ability to combine technology,
products, content, and services to deliver the ultimate consumer entertainment experience. “For this
year, Filipinos will notice many dazzling new networked products, content, and services, along with
innovative, future-focused technologies,” said Mr. Takao Kuroda, President and Managing Director,
Sony Philippines. “It’s a proposition that no other company can match, and it’s an impressive, concrete
testament to the strength and vision of Sony.”

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