Paid Apps Now Available in the Philippines via the Android Market Website?

I’m not really if Google announced this already and I missed the announcement. But it seems that Android phone users in the Philippines can now purchase paid Android apps. I discovered this while searching for an Android app from the Android Market website. I noticed that the price for the app that I was looking for was priced in Philippine peso. And so I tried purchasing the app and indeed I was able to purchase it and my credit card was charged in Philippine peso.

I also checked the Android Market using my Nexus One. I made sure that I closed the Market Enabler app and true enough, the paid apps are now appearing on the Android Market. But the currency is still in dollars though. Still, the buy button is activated, meaning you can purchase the paid apps now.

Cool, right? I’m pretty sure Google has not announced about this. But anyway, there you go folks. If you’ve been wanting to purchase those cool paid apps from the Android Market, you can do so now. If this is available in other countries which were not previously covered, I’m pretty sure this will impact on the market share of Android apps in the next round of statistical reports to be published by different mobile analysts.

Update: This post was not mean to mislead anyone. I was just sharing an experience I had with the Android Market. The Market Enabler app might have caused the paid apps to show up on my phone’s Android Market app but what baffles me still is how come I can get paid apps from the Android Market website? Your thoughts?

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  1. Still no go on my HTC Desire running Froyo… 🙁

    But thanks for the heads up.. i’ll keep checking back on AppMarket.

  2. I still can’t see any paid apps after totally uninstalling market enabler..
    I’m using HTC desire 🙁

  3. It’s weird that you’re able to buy apps from the web Market. It’s not working for my T-Mobile G1. (rooted, using CyanogenMod. Technically 2.2). I don’t see the paid apps at all and I can’t buy from the web Market.

    Are you using a local or international credit card?
    What telco’s SIM card are you using?
    What version of Android are you using?

    I’ve a theory that it might be because you’re using an updated Market app from 2.3.3, hence the reason why you’re finally able to buy apps.

  4. Hi Charo – honestly, I don’t know the reason why I’m getting the paid apps both when I signed in on the Android Market website and on my Nexus One. I’m using a Globe Post Paid Plan, local credit card for my Android Market account and I’m using 2.3.3 via CM7 RC 2 Mod.

    If the updated Market app is the reason, then how come I can also purchase app from the Android Market website? 🙂

  5. Have you tried restarting your phone? This always happen to me after I enabled market access or market enabler. Even after restoring to Globe’s APN the market still shows paid apps. After restart everything is back to normal. No More paid apps.

  6. The title implies a tone of certainty, thought of this as a major overhaul for my phone as I have a long list of paid apps I’d want to be able to purchase. Fail. I am NOT able to buy any paid app on both my samsung galaxy and htc desire. Not able to view via built in android market nor the android website. Yes, android website shows denomination in peso but is unable to identify my phones for some odd reason.

    I signed up for Google Checkout and there I found the list of countries where paid apps are made available – the Philippines not included.

  7. To be honest, I think the blog owner should put down this post. It’s very misleading. As of this date, Android Paid apps are still not available in the Market. I’m sure Google will have an official announcement if it decides to do so. We’re not the only market that Android paid apps are not yet available. So please Mr. tech blogger from Manila, re upload this post if everything is confirmed. Otherwise just keep it in the shelf until an official announcement is released. Some people who read this may think that there’s something wrong with their Android phones.

    If you really need to get access to paid apps there are two ways which I know of: 1) Root your phone; 2) Pop in a sim from a supported country.

  8. Just want to point out, by just looking at your screenshot, you’re definitely running a rooted android phone with Cyanogenmod ROM. So declaring that paid apps are already available in our country is just plain irresponsible blogging.

  9. Hi Brian,

    Thanks for your comment. Yes, my Nexus One is rooted via CM7. And I used to run Market Enabler. What baffles me though is that how come the paid apps are showing on the Android Market website whenever I login using my Google Account. Certainly, it has nothing to do with my Nexus One being rooted, right? Or am I wrong? 🙂

    Thanks for the advice on putting down this post as this may be misleading to others. But I can’t. Anyway I just put a disclaimer explaining that this incident might just be peculiar to my case.

    Thanks again.

  10. It works, I have a rooted Samsung Spica running eclair 2.1 unmodified rom, my market shows paid apps in philippine pesos and I do not have market enabler installed.

  11. … It’s official, Paid apps are now available in the Philippines! Just bought one…

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  14. is there a way to buy an app on android market without credit card? how about people like me that don’t have credit card? how can we purchase apps??

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