Speck Satin See-Thru Case for 11-inch MacBook Air

Thanks to Abe and Raffy for posting in their respective blogs about the availability of the Speck See-Thru Satin Case for the 11-inch MacBook Air, I found out that it’s also available in PowerMac. So, I bought the said case and opted to get the soft Satin case instead of the clear one.

Here are some photos of my MacBook Air with the Speck Satin See-Thru case. As you can see, the green lantern decals which I bought earlier is still visible despite the smoked finish of the case.

My 11-inch MacBook also fitted perfectly on the snap-on Speck case.

Overall, I’m pretty much satisfied with this MacBook Air Case. I appreciate the fact that it’s so think and did not add bulk to my thin MacBook Air.

The Speck Satin See-Thru Case is available for Php 2,220. It’s a great buy.

Note: After putting on the Speck case, I tried putting it inside the leather case which I bought recently. Unfortunately my MacBook Air won’t fit inside the leather case anymore.

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