Good Times with Mo – The Podcast, Catch it Live Every Night

Radio DJ, TV Host, Tech Junkie and whatever you may want to call him – DJ Mo Twister just made one of his brilliant idea into fruition. What is it? A nightly podcast with him, a doctor and a guest answering various questions (alright, predominantly S-E-X questions).  The podcast went live a couple of two nights ago with the controversial Hayden Kho as the first ever guest. Yup, Hayden de-virginized Mo’s podcast (whew!).

I was able to listen to the two past episodes of podcasts via iTunes. Yes, for your information, DJ Mo managed to get the podcasts into the iTunes podcast section. It’s available for free. You can stream it using your iPhone or iPad or Download it to your Mac or PC first.

Topics discussed the past couple of episodes vary from sex to relationships and mind you DJ MO and Dr. Gan as well as their guests answer most of the questions in the most professional way. The discussions are very spontaneous, free-flowing, no-holds barred. So, expect to hear a lot of  the “F-word” in all of its forms.

The show is brought to you mainly by San Mig Lights and powered by Smart Bro. I could just imagine how much Mo is getting paid for by this companies. Lucky dude!

Anyway, Good Times with Mo: The Podcast goes live nightly from 10:30 ish to around 12 midnight or 1 am, I think. You can get more details on how you can listen or watch it via DJ Mo’s Good Times with M0, the blog. And if you’re brave enough to call 659-69-69 (yes it’s a real number), you’d get a brand new Philips MP3 player courtesy of Aside from that, you also stand a chance at wining some cool gadgets everyday – that is if your question is interesting enough to be voted as the question of the night.

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  1. A person generally write essentially the most useful articles. And also you constantly apparently take bad/boring points along with convert all of them straight into exciting/interesting stuff. Im some sort of viewer for life-long!

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