Red iPod Nano 6th Gen, Apple Online Store Exclusive

Just before Christmas, I ordered the red iPod Nano 6th Gen from the Philippines Apple Online Store. I was hoping to receive the iPod Nano just in time for Christmas Day since it was a gift for my wife. In case you’re not aware, the iPod Nano red is an Apple Store Exclusive – meaning you can buy it from your regular Apple Store. To cut the long story short, I didn’t receive the said iPod Nano in time. Guess when I got it? Last Friday, January 7. Once again, the problem was something about getting cleared from Customs. But anyway, that’s another story and I’d rather not blog about it anymore.

So, my wife finally got the red iPod Nano with a personalized engraving of her name and wrapped in special Christmas packaging. I got the previous iPod Nano (5th Gen) which was a birthday gift from my wife last year. So, this time it’s my turn to give one to her. Comparing it with the previous iPod Nano I can’t help but be amazed at how small the new iPod Nano is right now.

When it comes to design though, it’s almost the same. Same glossy finish. The difference lies in the interface since the new Nano is now multi-touch enabled. It’s like a smaller version of the iPod Touch. Gone is the famous control wheel of the previous Nano. Now, you navigate through the various options by tap, touch and drag.

In addition, the iPod Nano 6th Gen also now has a clip-on at the back, similar to the iPod Shuffle. Overall, it was a pretty good device. Very handy and perfect for accompanying my wife during fun runs.

The iPod Nano 6th Gen in red cost me around Php 8K inclusive of special Christmas packaging and Engraving.

More unboxing photos below.

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  1. I was wondering if that can be bought on power mac centers or if I could have it ordered there? I don’t have credit card, just an atm debit card but I do want to buy it as a present too. I hope you help enlighten me on this one. Thanks.

  2. the red is really an exclusive, for me it’s the most gorgeous amongst the selection of ipod nano colors for the 6th gen.

  3. Parfois, je m’interroge sur l’internet et ce qui est affiché? Récemment, il semble être devenu une épidémie, a récemment si elle a fait demi-tour. Quelles sont vos pensées?

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