Unboxing the New 2nd Gen Apple TV

I just got hold of a new 2nd gen Apple TV courtesy of a friend who bought if from a U.S. Apple Store. At first, I wasn’t really keen on getting this Apple device since I knew then that it requires a good Internet connection to effectively stream movies from your MacBook to an HDTV. But when this friend of mine told me that she already bought the Apple TV, I became pretty excited to get it.

And so now, I’m a proud owner of this Apple device. The first thing I noticed of course after opening the box of the Apple TV is its small form factor. It’s almost the same height as the iPhone 4.

Anyway, there’s nothing more to say about the box of the Apple TV. The package comes with the power plug, a printed manual and user guide and a tiny remote control.

Immediately after opening up I  tested the Apple TV, streaming my media content including photos, videos and more. Streaming went fine. HD movies are previewed in all their colors.

So, what I did next was to try AirPlay – that is streaming of videos and other media content from an iPad to the HDTV. At first I couldn’t make it work but when I hit the Software Update button, the Apple TV miraculously streamed my videos. Streaming of videos from a MacBook, iPad or iPhone depends on the speed of your Internet connection. But once you’ve successfully streamed a content, you can always go back and play it again. This time, it will not stream anymore but play the content at once.

Those are just a few of my initial impressions. If you have a good number of movies stored on your MacBook or iMac you’d want to have this Apple device. Apple TV carries a price tag around Php 7,000 so you must think seriously whether you’d have a need for such product.

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