Helpful Tips When Buying iPad Accessories

So you’re buying Apple’s magical device from the Philippines Apple Online Store? You’ve probably seen several iPad accessories also made available today. Before you to take a plunge into buying these iPad accessories, here are some tips that will help you decide whether to get those iPad accessories or not.iPad Apple Care Protection Plan (Php 5,000)

It’s pretty pricey for something that is not tangible. Besides, your iPad comes with a full one-year warranty from Apple. So that pretty much takes care of problems and issues that you might encounter later on. But wait – it’s only good for one year. Why not extend it for another year? The iPad Apple Care Protection Plan will give you coverage for two years from the date you’ve purchased your iPad. This means another full year of coverage that will provide you free repair or replacement of unit from Apple-authorized technicians. If you don’t mind spending another Php5K, get this Apple Care Protection Plan for your iPad.

Apple iPad Case (Php 2,090)

Don’t even think about it. Get this iPad Case. It’s one of the best if not the best iPad case around. It’s cheap and yet provides ample protection for your iPad against scratches and bumps. I’ve used this iPad since day 1 and my iPad never left it until now. What’s good about this case is that it doesn’t add bulk to your iPad.

iPad Camera Connection Kit (Php 1,390)

If you’re planning to use your iPad as a display for your digital photos, you’d need the iPad Camera Connection Kit for faster uploading of photos from your digital camera to your iPad. This kit comes in two – one for directly connecting your camera to your iPad and the other one for reading microSD cards. If you’re not going to upload to many photos on your iPad, you can skip this one. I have one but I rarely used it.

Apple iPad Keyboard Dock (Php 3,390)

If you don’t see yourself using your iPad too much for typing documents, composing long emails and other purposes that need a normal keyboard, you can skip on this iPad accessory. You can live with the iPad’s virtual keyboard which may take some time to get used to but eventually you will. If you’re getting the iPad Case, you can’t use this keyboard dock while your iPad is in the case.

Apple iPad Dock (Php 1,390)

Another pretty useless iPad accessory. You can’t use most iPad cases with this dock so better not buy it.

Apple iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter (Php 1,390)

If you’re planning to download movies to your iPad and then later on watch it via your LCD. Or if you’re planning to use your iPad for presentation via LCD projectors, you’d need this iPad accessory. But if you don’t see yourself using your iPad for those purposes, save your hard earned money and skip on buying this iPad accessory.

These are just the major and more popular iPad accessories available on the Apple Online Store. I know you’re excited about your new toy so much so that you want to use it fully and might think that those iPad accessories are cool. Not really. Save your money and spend it buying the coolest iPad apps you’d find from the App Store.

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