iPad Now Listed Online on Apple Philippine Store

Here’s another proof that the iPad is indeed coming to Manila the official way. If you check out the Philippine Apple Online Store, you’d now see the iPad listed as one of the products on the main page. This means that the Apple Store is now preparing to offer the iPad, most probably by Friday also.

Unfortunately, if you click on the iPad image, you’d get an error page. The Apple Store staff probably got too excited about the release of the iPad on Friday that they decided to put it on their main page without even bothering to link it to the official product page.

Well, anyway. At least, knowing that it is already listed at the Philippine Apple Store is enough proof that the magical device is about to officially launch on Philippine shores.

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  1. yeah. so whats up with apple — how come the iTunes store only allows me to buy apps? no songs? no videos? no tv shows?

    the magical iPad is less magical without these items in the iTunes store.

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