Jejemon is the Fastest Rising Search Query in Google Philippines

Guess what is the fastest rising search term on Google Zeitgeist for the Philippine market? JEJEMON! What a shocker, right? Why are we so engrossed with “Jejemon” anyways? Interestingly, the second fastest rising query was “iPad.” I guess many are searching Google to find out when the iPad will be released locally.

Here’s the rest of the fastest rising query on Google Philippines in 2010:

  1. jejemon
  2. ipad
  3. pyramid
  4. lyrics
  5. facebook
  6. emoticons
  7. justin bieber
  8. plants vs zombies
  9. glee
  10. tumblr
  11. crossfire
  12. google chrome download

The rest of the Google Zeitgeist 2010 for the Philippines can be found here. You’ll be surprised!

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