11.6-inch MacBook Air Review

I’ve been using my new MacBook Air for more than a month now so it’s time for a full review. But since you’ve probably read a dozen of MacBook Air reviews from people who are more technically gifted than me, I’ll make this MacBook Air review, short but sweet.  Sweet is how I would generally describe my 11.6-inch MacBook Air.11.6-inch MacBook Air, 1.4GHz, 128GB SSD

Those are the basic specs of my new MacBook Air. It’s not the entry level MBA for the simple reason that it has a bigger size SSD. The entry level MBA only got 64GB SSD. The price difference is around Php 5K. Yup, that’s how expensive additional storage is.

Moving on, for some those specs are not enough to make them happy MBA campers. Well, probably because they’ve got more demands for computing power. For a simple blogger like me who uses the MacBook Air for basic things such as browsing the web, writing articles, reading email and minor iPhoto editing stuff – those specs are more than enough.

11.6-inch Macbook Air Speed and Performance

What can I say? Want a cold boot of as fast as 9 seconds? Yes, what Apple claims is true. I’ve experienced it, i’ve seen it done by my MBA. So, what if the new MBA boots fast, but does it performs fast? – YES.

If you’re needs include browsing the web – reading emails, updating Facebook, posting tweets and reading updates, simple iPhoto editing and uploading, video editing, iChat or Facetime – the new 11.6-inch MBA with the same specs as mine delivers so well.

11.6-inch MacBook Air Design and Form Factor

The biggest selling factor of the 11.6-inch MacBook Air for me has got to be its design and form factor. Coming from a thick MacBook Pro 13-inch Unibody, my MBA looks like a dwarf. It’s an Apple netbook, only this time – sleeker, thinner, classier and more beautiful.

I love the design and form factor of the MBP but I love the MBA’s design and form factor even more. It’s thin without being too fragile.

11.6-inch MacBook Air – Value for Your Money

Current price of the entry-level 11.6-inch Macbook Air is currently around Php 51K+. If you’re resourceful you can get for as low as Php 46K. Considering its power, performance and everything that you can do with it, is it worth your money?

This question is a bit hard to answer. That would vary from one person to another. As for me, I could say yes. I’ve been using my new MacBook Air more than I’m using my more than a year old MBP right now. Why? Well, because it’s lighter, the screen display is crisper, it’s faster and again it’s more beautiful.

11.6-inch MacBook Air – Should You Buy it or Not?

If you have the budget and you won’t guilty of spending that much for a small and yet powerful computing machine – go get it. Otherwise, well,  think it over one more time.

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