Western Digital Elements Play Review

I received this Western Digital Elements Play Multimedia Drive recently and was putting it to a test the past couple of days. WD Elements Play is a nifty device for storing your media collection. You then play your media on your HDTV by connecting the device using HDMI cable or your usual audio/video cable connectors.

Of course, it will better to use an HDMI cable since it will allow you to output your video in full HD resolution as well as full DTS  2.0 digital audio.  Most LCD TV are equipped with HDMI out anyway.

The Western Digital Elements Play lets you store as much as 1TB of multimedia files. That’s an awful lot if you will ask me. So, it’s a perfect device if you’ve got tons of video and audio files stored in your PC or Mac machnes.

Now since this is a third-party device that the most important factor perhaps is whether you can connect it easily to your HDTV. And the answer is yes. All you need to do to operate this machine is to connect it to your PC or Mac via USB to transfer your multimedia files. Then connect the device to your HDTV vial HDMI or composite audio/video, navigate through the device’s directory to select the video or audio you want to play and then sit back, relax and enjoy watching in full HD resolution.

Other features of the Western Digital Elements Play multimedia device include:

  • full support for variety of multimedia formats
  • compatible with various cameras
  • automatic play
  • easy intuitive user interface

The Western Digital Elements Play is available now in your favorite electronic shops. More pictures below.

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