Fuji Xerox Launches New Printers to the Philippine Market

Fuji Xerox has unveiled not just one but six new printers this morning. All six printers are perfect for the SOHO setup and are priced quite reasonably. When it comes to features, the printers didn’t suffer from their low SRPs.  In fact Fuji Xerox President for the Printer Channel in Asia Pacific and China said that their new printers boast of the highest quality printing results.

This can is due to the implementation of the so-called SLED or Self-scanning LED Technology. This means that the printers are compact and yet does not sacrifice on print quality.

Since, I’m not really into printers. I swear I get to interact with our office printers rarely, I really didn’t have that much interest with their products. Except for one, which happens to be a small printer in pink design. Yes, you read it right. This is probably the first pink printer in the market. The printer is so comact and you could mistaken it as an ordinary oven toaster.

Well, anyway here are some photos during the product launch. Consider these printers if in case you’re in need of one.

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