iOS 4.2 Available Now for iPhone 4, iPod Touch and iPad

In case you’re sleeping last night ( I was!), you might have missed the announcement regarding the availability of iOS 4.2. This was a big news last night in the U.S. Check out Techmeme and you’d see how many tech blogs have covered it. Anyway, well yes! iOS 4.2 is now out and you can update your iOS devices – iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch  2nd to 4th gen, and of course the iPad.

It’s a major update, so download will take quite awhile. Exercise patience at all cost. As a reminder be sure to back up your iDevice before updating.  Update for the iPhone 4 is around 650MB while for the iPad it’s around 550MB. To know more about iOS 4.2 on iPad, check out these post.

via Apple

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  1. So 99% of the time when you’re watching the video on your tiny droid screen your wasting a TON of storage space just so that on occasion when you tether your phone to your television you can feel good knowing you’re watching 1080p video. Have fun with that… but on the bright side, you’ve got sd cards so you can just store each movie on one of those.

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