Smart Gold is Offering the Samsung Galaxy Tab on Unlimited Data Plans

I’m not really sure when this came out. But in case you’ve been eyeing the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Smart is giving you the chance to have one of this Android tablets. Smart Gold has put up a pre-order page for the Samsung Galaxy Tab and you can reserve a slot from this link.

There are four ways by which you can own the Samsung Galaxy Tab:

  • Unlimited data plan 1500 – with a Php 16,000 cash out
  • Unlimited data plan 2000 – with a Php 4,000 cash out
  • Unlimited data plan 3000 – no cash out
  • Unlimited data plan 4000 – no cash out

Obviously these data plans will have a 24-months lock-in period. Unfortunately, the pre-order page doesn’t say anything about when Smart is releasing the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab retails for around Php 35K+. Since you’d be using it for mobile browsing, Smart’s offer seems fine enough.

So, who’s ordering?

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  1. This is just a gigantic celphone! And the price is amazingly high. Dead on arrival, i believe since a lot has already an ipad.

  2. Hi,

    I really hope you can help me. I am wanting to buy a galaxy and need to be able to display a flash file within the browser. The flash file would be saved to the galaxy itself, not via the internet. Is it possible to view files in any of the Gallaxy browsers?
    Thank you in advance.


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