LG Optimus One Sale, Big Hit or Fail?

Checked out the LG Optimus One sale this morning at SM Megamall. In case you haven’t heard about it, LG will be selling the LG Optimus One, an Android 2.2 smartphone half its usual price, from something around Php 12K to 6+K. That’s a big steal right? Great price for a great Android phone.

So, I was there and found hundreds of people already lined up. I would have lined up but decided not to. The thing is, LG will be selling the LG Optimus One at the discounted price from 2pm-3pm. So, that’s good for around 50 to 60 units.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, after taking some photos, I left the place. Then I learned later on from DaddyJoey who was there and was able to line up that only around 30 units were sold. And that there was only one cashier in charge of processing the sale. What a trick to control the sales, right?

So, there. For those who were hoping to get the cheap LG Android phone, better luck next time. Or better yet, get a cheap Samsung Android phone instead. Nuff said.

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  1. oh I was there also…it sucks rily big time!..making people look so stupid in taking the longest line…like we rily dont know what’z going on in the front line..too many hear says even the organizers dont know how to accommodate people…failure marketing strategy …:(

  2. In Cebu City, I asked this to the host of LG P500 50% sale: If I will be the last person in queue by 3pm, is there a possibility that I can’t get a discounted P500? He replied yes. Then, I left .

    Consider this: I still have to a fine print in their print ad saying “offer is good while supply last” or “offer is good for 500 units”.

    If there are 10,500 people in queue between 2pm and 3pm, then they should accomodate them.


    Bahala na si batman basta isang cashier diyan. pag 3pm na, tapos na ang promo.

    With that attitude, what can you expect from them?

  3. Kaya nga ang tawag namin sa LG Laging Guba (Hiligaynon term for Sira). I thought we were not the Lucky Guys. by the way, their marketing idea is realy great but poorly realized.

  4. I was in SM Megamall yesterday. LG showed everyone that they are a lousy company. No planning, arrogant, no concern for customers, NOTHING!!! It was a complete waste of time for me. I WILL NEVER BY AN LG PRODUCT AGAIN IN MY LIFE! If this is they way they plan and implement their promotions, then their products must be planned and implemented the same way–TERRIBLE!!! Dont buy LG and tell your friends not to by LG. More Android phones are coming out soon. Cheaper and probably better made than LG.

  5. Don’t be such a sore loser, y’all. It’s true that there were some inconsistency with the way LG handled the promo, but the mechanics said it all. ONE DAY, ONE HOUR, ONE CHANCE. If you didn’t get one, you’re a ONE BIG SORE LOSER for hating the company. Hate the game, not the player.

  6. Consumers aren’t dense enough to not realize that they’ve been scammed. I have to agree, let’s stop throwing heated words at LG. That’d be their fill pa.

    Lesson learned. The next best thing to do is to get your TRUE stories out (c’mon quit fabricating, e di hindi ka nalayo sa LG) via social networking or any other means for that matter. And never buy from LG Philippines ever again.

    After nun, relax relax nalang while sorting through other electronic brands. At least you’ve stricken off one brand off the list. 😉

  7. It’s really a waste of time going there!! I was one of those people aspiring to own an LG Optimus One at SM North Annex. I even brought with me my son. I was so excited that even if I just came from work that morning, I sacrificed my sleep just to get one but unfortunately, I am one of those broken hearted people. Huhuhu!

  8. I was there in line between 2 and 3pm.
    Advertisement is clear – 1 hour only.
    Dami namin, ayaw e benta ng LG madamihan.

    1 cashier only, 1 at a time.


  9. There are people lined up as early as 6am inside the mall, i wonder how do they get there? considering the mall open at 10am sabi ko na eh friends and family lang ng staff makakabili niyan eh. Me proxy pa un iba. And a friend went to greenhills that night ang dami optimus p500 tinda price is 11.5k maybe yun mga nakabili sold it for 9-10k with a clear profit of 4k.

  10. We, Filipinos, are fighters, hopefuls and risk takers. That is why we fell in line to such event.

    What we, who fell in line, were or are pointing @ is the way you/LG managed your consumers/customers in such event.

    You/LG should be on top of this. The consumers/customers sensed the Ad before the consumers/customers fell in line. Your name as LG was on the Ad. Even if it is the lack of just somebody or part of the crew of such event, still you/LG(the Big Name on the Ad) should be blamed or questioned. That is the reality/true rule of the world you are moving in.

    It is just like a family or organization. If a member made mistake/s or sin/s, then the PARENT or the PRESIDENT must be questioned by the affected factors(or persons — well in our case, CUSTOMERS/CONSUMERS).

    In brief rationale, we are looking at you/LG, and you are looking at your staffs or members who worked under or for you.


    The event happened was an obvious way of telling that you/LG are more persuader than them(or the other side). Please, LG, do not make us ignorant or stupid. We, who fell in line, are not that naive. We, who fell in line, were really affected. Without customers/consumers, you can not make sales. Even if you say that we should not be there if we know that it will gonna happen(no chance), still we would come for/because again we are fighters(like Manny Pacquiao—who just recently won the Manny Pacquiao & Margarito boxing fight), risk takers(like Charice Pempengco) and hopefuls.

    Fighter, risk taker and/or hopeful type of people are the people who live and who knows FREEDOM.

    We, who fell in line, were sure buyers. The way you advertise was very obviously deceiving.

    In short, your CUSTOMER’S CONVENIENCY skill was very disappointing and unethical in the world of SALES.

    I personally fell in line. I was just 2 customers away from the cut off(last buyer of such promo–1 hour only). I even prevented my urine to come out just to get the chance. I started to fall in line at 8am until 3pm(when the 1 hour sale event ended), Philippines time. The host was still announcing that there are more items however he never said the possibilities of the pace of the transaction. The host did not even to manage to announce the difficulty of getting the chance so that we will not be wasting our time waiting. There were thousands of people waiting to get their chance out of 20 items only sold however still the host did not even announce to these thousands of people waiting about the possibilities of not getting the chance. LG, we have believed in you but because of what happened, thousands of people’s LIFE is no GOOD in that time due to broken hopes you were rendering. The host was only announcing that they are the only one who has that kind of event(1 hour sale 50 % off for unlimited–no exact number of such item/s). That is deceiving.

    If you want more people but less items, why not do it in Entertainment instead?

    Now LG, please confirm/answer this(simple yes or no question):

    Were you up to the customer or to the sale?

    If customer, then something good(or I shouldn’t be doing this) must have happened.

    Else, if sale, then you are not a good example.

    In other words, the question is, Sale before Customer or Customer before Sale?

    Please answer all the questions LG. I personally beg you. We, who fell in line, were really badly affected.

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