Affordable Gadget Gift Ideas from Genius

It’s 40+ days to go before Christmas. It’s probably the right time to start listing down your Christmas gift list. If you’re looking for affordable gadgets to give your loved ones, kids or young adults who are into gaming, check out this gift suggestions from Genius. Price range from Php700 to Php 3500. Check out the list after the jump. All these gadgets are available from MSI-ECS.  You can get it touch with them via –  email, visit, or call 688-3180/688-3181.

KB-G235 gaming keyboard (SRP: P 700)
Featuring an anti-ghost technology which enables gamers to command more actions, this keyboard will please even the pros. The KB-G235 has an SRP of only PhP 700.

Designed with a full sized layout, the KB-G235 keyboard is very comfortable to use. It has five solid rubber pads underneath which keeps it firm on the table so it won’t budge at your slightest movement. Other amazing features include water-resistant material, laser-printing keycaps for a durable life-cycle and Windows 7 compatibility.

NetScroll G500 Laser mouse (SRP: P 990)
Powerful and affordable, this gaming mouse is one smart purchase. The NetScroll G500 Laser has incredible precision control and enhanced gaming laser engine with an adjustable resolution of 2000/1600/800 dpi with different LED indication that delivers perfect speed for each movement and command. It has a full speed USB solution for instant response and an innovative weight adjustment feature.

NetScroll G500 Laser mouse has a special texture which gives the user a good grip. What’s more, the NetScroll G500 Laser is ergonomic so it feels comfortable whether you’re a lefty or a righty. SRP is only PhP 990.

HS-03U gaming headset (SRP: P 1,500)
HS-03U is among Genius’ latest USB headsets made especially for gaming. Enjoy the gaming action in real life with its amazing vibration function.

Aside from games, HS-03U is also ideal to use in chatting or listening to music because of its superior digital audio quality, thanks to its noise-canceling feature.

HS-03U is portable, comfortable and efficient. Its headband is foldable and it has soft ear pads and in-line volume control. It’s even compatible with Windows Vista. Just plug and play via USB. SRP is only PhP 1,500.

Kids Designer tablet (SRP: P 3,250)
Buying a gift for a very young gamer? Genius Kids Designer Tablet is perfect for kids of ages 3-8. This tablet comes with cool and exciting games which help kids boost their learning skills in math, color, shapes, memory, geography and more. Now you’re also helping them do homework and making it fun! SRP is only PhP 3,250.

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  1. Hi Arnold, You have good collection of gadgets here…I have been using Microsoft 1000 series wireless keyboard and mouse..Now I am planning upgrade my keyboard for gaming purpose.

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