SwitchEasy iPod Touch 4G Cases Available Online, Can Be Shipped to Manila

Finally, my favorite iPhone and iPod Touch cases manufacturer, SwitchEasy has released their first iPod Touch 4G case – the SwitchEasy Colors. My wife love this case for her iPhone 4 and I also got the white one for mine but don’t really use it because I prefer the thinner SwitchEasy NUDE case for my iPhone 4. Hopefully, the iPod Touch Colors cases are not as thick as the ones for iPhone 4.

The problem is, this case is not yet available in any of the stores in Manila. Hopefully, Digital Hub or Power Mac get the SwitchEasy Colors cases for iPod Touch 4G soon. But if you can’t wait till these cases become available in Manila, you can order online and have it ship here.

The SwitchEasy Colors cases for iPod Touch 4G cost $17.99. If you’re shipping it to Manila, you’ll add another $14 – costing you around $33 or Php 1.5K. Shipping usually takes 3 days for the package to get delivered here by FedEx.

So, there. I’m eyeing this iPod Touch Colors Cases:

And here’s another nice color:

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  1. hi, i ordered from switcheasy’s website, and now fedex is telling me that i need to pay Php900+ for customs tax, exlcuding storage fee. Did you encounter the same? I feel ripped off. thanks in advance

  2. I would like to disagree with the Facebook app comment as well. My wife uses it on her iPod touch. She gets push notifications of comments and chat. The android version has neither of these features.

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