SEMCON 2010 Kicks Off with Aaron Wall as the Keynote Speaker

It’s the first day of SEMCON 2010 today and on the keynote this morning, opening the conference is none other than SEO god himself, Aaron Wall of It was great to finally hear somebody who became famous because of his knowledge on Search Engine Optimization and its underlying concepts and strategies. Aaron talked about what’s new in Search, mentioning the recently launched Google Instant and its impact on SEO work.Other speakers were:

Charlie Ellis – Maximize Your SEO

Jim Boykin – Building Pages & Links

Giovanni Villanueva – Pitfalls of PPC

Dean Chew – Winning Web Design for Users and Search Engines

Benj Arriola – Foundations of Link Building

Bruce Persaud – SEO PDF Primer

I was able to listen up to Benj Arriola and all I can say is that these guys really know what they are doing, have mastered the art of SEO, and are all best examples to emulate if you are serious with search-related work.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s sessions.

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