New iPod Touch Review, Manila Version

What comes after unboxing the new Apple iPod Touch? – Review. I’ll make this short and sweet since I still have to write my iPhone 4 review. Last time I heard, Power Mac is already making the new iPod Touch available today. But I’m pretty sure stocks will be limited. Digital Hub has been getting quite a number of orders the past few days. I ordered my iPod Touch from the Apple US Store and had it delivered by my trusted forwarder Johnny Air Cargo. Anyway, on to my short, sweet and informal review of the new iPod Touch. It’s the 4th generation of Apple’s most popular product now, in case you’re interested to know.Form Factor, Profile and Hardware

The last iPod Touch I had was, oh my I can’t even remember what generation it was. Could be the 2nd gen iPod Touch . That iPod Touch as wider, heavier and sturdier than the new iPod Touch 4th Gen. Is it a good or a bad thing? I would have to say good because this iPod Touch now looks more beautiful and sophisticated than the previous model that I had.  This iPod Touch is made of a metal back part and a glass screen. The metal back part sports the usual chrome finish which is a magnet for fingerprints and smudges. This is my only gripe about the new iPod Touch when it comes to design and form factor.

Interestingly, Apple made sure that the new iPod Touch and iPhone 4 will not closely resemble each other. This is probably to give each other a clear distinction. So while, the iPhone 4 sports a thicker profile, the new iPod Touch is almost thin as a few pieces of paper.

What else do we have? – the all familiar hard buttons for home key, power on/off, and the two volume buttons are still there. Speaking of the power on/off button, it is now placed at the right top-most part instead of the other side, similar to where the iPhone 4’s power on/off button is located.

And of course the major change made to the iPod Touch is the two cameras – back-facing and front-facing that you can use for Face Time app. Overall, Apple has successfully made the new iPod Touch a classy multimedia device worthy of the Apple brand.

Under the Hood

The new iPod Touch is powered by the same CPU that powers up the iPhone 4 and iPad, Apple’s A4 Processor. It sports a 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen with Retina Display technology which if you’ve been reading the news brings a 960×640 resolution and 326 ppi pixel density to its display. Same with the iPhone 4. Which display is the better one? I would have to give it to the iPhone 4. The new iPod Touch also features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1,

As previously mentioned, the new iPod Touch now sports not just one but two cameras which you both can use to take photos of your surrounding and of yourself. It is also used primarily for Apple’s latest application – FaceTime. Yes, for the iPod Touch FaceTime is a default app, while for iPhone 4, the feature is integrated into the phone’s capabilities. Well, there’s nothing much to say about these two cameras except for the fact that you can use them to capture 720p HD video. When played on a larger screen such as a Mac or iPad, the video looks decent enough.

My Take

To be honest, the only reason why I bought that iPod Touch is because I wanted to have a taste of the much talked about Retina Display. When I was buying the iPod Touch, I wasn’t sure yet as to when I will be getting the iPhone 4. Funny thing is that I got both of them on the same day. So, was buying the new iPod Touch worth my money? What do you think? I’m an Apple fanboy, and I have the GAS (gadget acquisition syndrom) for a long time now. Will I say that the iPod Touch was not worth my money or yours if you are planning to buy one?

Alright, alright – yes its definitely worth the price that you have to pay for it. Good luck in finding one. 🙂

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  1. I already got my ipad but i still want the ipod touch (smaller version) of ipad because of facetime and a4 processor but i got to wait before christmas to buy as a gift to myself.

  2. just received my ipod touch4 last week from AOS… really nice but it’s easily gets hot when im using it.. but overall its worth it… thanks for my bf a really nice anniv. gift…..

  3. Just had a window shopping at greenhills and saw ipod touch4 g 32g selling for 15k. I think it will be lower when december comes in time for me to buy as a gift.

  4. @transparent – so far, it doesn’t happen to my iPod Touch yet. Or maybe it’s underutilized.
    @Wreek – hopefully, prices go down by December
    @DonRamon – Yeah, FT FTW.

  5. If you happen to’re nonetheless on the fence: grab your favorite earphones, head down to a Greatest Buy and ask to plug them into a Zune then an iPod and see which one sounds better to you, and which interface makes you smile more. You then’ll know which is correct for you.

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