Globe Services for iPad Available Now

If you just got an iPad Wi-Fi+3G and has not yet cut a regular mobile SIM or subscribed to Globe’s microSIM postpaid plan Php999, you might want to hold off for a little while since Globe might soon release a prepaid microSIM for iPad. Want proof? Check out the App Store and search for this app – “Globe Services.”

Surprise? Yes, that’s actually a native Globe Telecoms app made specifically for the iPad. And why did I say that this is meant for Globe microSIM prepaid users? Because if you install the app, it gives you several features that were not meant for a postpaid microSIM account.

One of the options you’d see is “check balance.” Obviously if you’re under plan 999, this is not applicable. The next option is “Reload” which will allow you to load credits to your microSIM via PayPal or Share-A-Load. Of course, you don’t do this for Globe postpaid accounts.

To make the app work, you need to register your Globe microSIM serial number, well that is of course if you already have the prepaid microSIM.

The also has a map feature that shows you the different Globe Stores via Google Maps. Now this is neat.

Incidentally, the app was developer by Giro AppSolutions, a Philippine-based iOS app developer headed by Yves Gonzales.

So there, if you’re getting the Globe MicroSIM, you might as well get this app as well.

Here’s the download link.

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  1. its stupid releasing an app and there’s no prepaid micro sim available yet.
    i have a resized globe tattoo sim and it does not work either. so as of this time, this app is useless

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