Helpful Tips to Avoid High Browsing Charges for Globe Users

I recently contacted a Globe Customer Service Representative via Facebook inquiring about the huge mobile data charges that I’ve been incurring the past two months from two of my Globe Post-Paid accounts. The thing is, I wouldn’t have not inquired about this if not for the fact I’ve already turn off all settings of both my iPhone and my Google Nexus One. I don’t use these phones anymore to surf the web since I’ve already have an iPad loaded with Globe’s Plan 999 micro-sim. So, here are some helpful tips to avoid high browsing charges for Globe post-paid account holders straight from the Globe CSR. Any tips you want to share, feel free to leave a comment.

1. Charging begins as soon as you open the Safari, YouTube, Stocks, Weather or other web-based applications. Remember that replaying a video means another charged transaction.

2. Clicking on the menu button ends your Internet connection to Safari, YouTube, Stocks, Weather, Instant Messenger or other web-based applications.

3. When iPhone is not in use , make sure to lock the iPhone by short pressing the sleep/wake button (keypad locking) so as to
avoid unwanted keypad presses that may trigger browsing and call charges.

4. When setting up e-mail, best to set this to Manual vs. Push. If you set it on Push, it will constantly connect to the Internet causing unnecessary charging and even drain your battery’s life:

Settings > Fetch New Data > Push (On/Off) & Fetch (Manually).

For iPhone OS 3.1: Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data > Push (off) & Fetch (Manually).

5. Email accounts (if there’s any) should be set to OFF when not in use:

Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Accounts (set all existing accounts to OFF).

6. Weather, Stocks, App Store and iTunes are location dependent applications. These applications also connect to the internet for
updates. To turn it off:

Settings > General > Location Services > OFF

7. Apps behave differently from one another, some require connection to the internet for it to work, some may need to connect to the server from time-to-time for upgrades or updates. In both cases, when you use Globe’s network, you will be charged based on your internet subscription with Globe.

To turn off notification: Settings > Notifications > OFF

8. While browsing, iPhone automatically shifts to the stronger connection. If you are currently on free WiFi and the connection
fluctuates, iPhone automatically shifts to GPRS, EDGE or HSDPA connection and charges start to apply.

9. Any software update and change in SIM card will restore your iPhone settings (Mail, Contacts, Calendar and Network) to default
and as a result, certain applications and system updates may run again and incur charges.

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  1. Android users can download an app that disabled data network (APN), used this on my N1 and just enable it when I want to surf. Works nicely and doesn’t need to disable all you app’s auto updates 🙂

  2. Thanks for this truly helpful- have had an iPhone 4 for 3 weeks now and I didn’t use to own an iPhone. Globe called me to say that I have a running balance of 10k, which I thought was bonkers. Now I know why! Ugh.

  3. thanks for this info. i have a factory unlocked iphone 4 with a globe prepaid sim (micro sim converted) and it keeps charging my account balance. now i know the culprit. this is very helpful.

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