SMART is Cooking Up Something Big, Free and For Adults Only, What Could it Be?

Smart has been running this cutesy little ad on Facebook for the past couple of days. At first I didn’t bother to check on it but when some of the blogs I read started posting about it and some of my Facebook friends started liking the Facebook fan page, I got curious and click on it at well.

Unfortunately, nothing much was revealed by the FB page, except for a wall post on the Smart FB page that says – ”

“Guys and girls, something BIG and FREE is coming your way. Pero *secret* muna. 18 and up lang po ;)”

The ad teaser revealed something more though. That whatever Smart is cooking up will be revealed on July 30 and another note that says – it”s only for 18 and up.

So, any idea what this could be? What is SMART up to this time? An adult social network? A spinoff of the Smart Sandbox project this time for adults only? A chatroullete sort of thing?

What ever this is, there is only one way to find out – by checking  out and “liking” the SMART FB Fan Page on July 30. Are you excited about it?

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