Apple iPad Available in HongKong, Singapore on July 23

Oi! Apple has announced the availability of iPad in nine other countries this coming Friday, July 23. The nearest countries which will get the iPad on Friday are of course HongKong and Singapore. So, if you’ve been waiting for this, better book your flights to HK or Singapore now.

Why would you bother flying to HongKong when you can get the iPad from your favorite Greenhills gray market sellers? Well, it’s cheaper. The cheapest iPad will sell for only HK$3,888 (approx. 24K pesos). You can get this for around Php32,000+ in Greenhills. Cheapest flight to HK via Cebu Pacific will net from 4+++. Price in Singapore is around S$728.

So, there. Have fun hunting the iPad in HK or Singapore.

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