Smart Communications Reveals Its “Big and Free” Gig

Smart Communications has finally revealed its mysterious “big and free” gig which I posted here last week.  The gig which is officially dubbed – T.G.I.Free-day is actually a free offering from Smart Communications subscribers. When I say free, it means free mobile Internet on, well yes you guess it right every on Friday, July 30, 2010.

The TGIF promo which starts on July 30 (this coming Friday) will let you “tweet, poke, post, plurk, surf, Google, Yahoo and practically every possible online activity that you can think of – free of charge. But that’s of course granting that you are a Smart subscribers. If you’re not, well this gig is a good reason to probably think of shifting to Smart from your current mobile telco provider. TGIF is applies to both postpaid and prepaid Smart subscribers.

Does this sound appealing to you? It does to me. It’s a good thing that I still keep my old Smart prepaid SIM and I’m also planning to get a new SIM to use on my incoming iPhone 4. Hopefully, the gig extends until, well – forever?

Want to learn more about Smart Communications TGIF promo? Head over to their Facebook fan page, read this FAQ and wait until the clock strikes 12 on midnight of the 30th of July.

I just hope that you’re 18 and above if you’re taking advantage of this promo since I’m pretty sure you’re going be devoting most of your time on Fridays surfing the mobile Internet. The last thing that a parent like me would want  my kids to do is stay awake until the wee hours of the morning surfing the web on their mobile phones.

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Apple Unveils Another Magical Product, This Time It’s a Trackpad

Apple has just launched several new products – Mac Pro, Mac Display and a new magical product – the Apple Magic Trackpad. This is a standalone device that is Bluetooth enabled just like the Apple Wireless Keyboard. It utilizes the glass surface which you would normally find in Mac Laptops. Likewise, it also has the same multi-touch gestures as the laptop trackpads.

For initial impression and actual usage reaction, check out MacWorld’s piece.

So, are you buying the Apple Magic Trackpad? Do you find it magical?

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Apple iPad Available in HongKong, Singapore on July 23

Oi! Apple has announced the availability of iPad in nine other countries this coming Friday, July 23. The nearest countries which will get the iPad on Friday are of course HongKong and Singapore. So, if you’ve been waiting for this, better book your flights to HK or Singapore now.

Why would you bother flying to HongKong when you can get the iPad from your favorite Greenhills gray market sellers? Well, it’s cheaper. The cheapest iPad will sell for only HK$3,888 (approx. 24K pesos). You can get this for around Php32,000+ in Greenhills. Cheapest flight to HK via Cebu Pacific will net from 4+++. Price in Singapore is around S$728.

So, there. Have fun hunting the iPad in HK or Singapore.

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Social Network Movie About Facebook Looks Intriguing

Unless you’re living under the rock, you’ve probably heard about this movie called “The Social Network.” Yes, you guess it right, it’s a movie about Facebook. If you’re excited about this as I am, you might want to check out the second trailer released  just now. JT by the way stars in the movie as Napster founder Sean Parker. Mark Zuckerberg  is portrayed by actor Jesse Eisenberg  from the movie Zombieland.

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Globe Offers the Samsung Galaxy S Running Android 2.1

For the past couple of days I’ve reading about Samsung’s latest Android phone – the Samsung Galaxy S. There are varied reactions to the Samsung Galaxy S. Some hailed it as an affordable alternative to the iPhone 4 while others say something not too pleasant about the phone.

If you’ve read the news about the Samsung Galaxy S and you feel like you want to have one, Globe is offering the phone both under its prepad or postpaid mobile plan.

The Samsung Galaxy S’s unit price is around Php 33K.

Check out the Globe deal for the Samsung Galaxy S.

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