FarmVille for iPhone App Goes Live

If you’re an iPhone user and you devoted countless hours playing Farmville on Facebook, well, guess what? You can now plant and plow your farm even while on the go – using your iPhone. Yes, the most popular game on Facebook is now available for the iPhone. Like the online Farmville game on Facebook, Farmville for iPhone has practically all the features of the online game. You can invite friends to be your neighbors, expand your farm, buy seeds, plant seeds, plow, clean your farm and more.

You can also send gifts to your friends and hope that your friends do the same.  Of course, you can send updates to your Facebook account and pester your friends with update notifications. 🙂

So, are you going to download Farmville for iPhone? If you do, make sure that you have unlimited data plan as it will certainly eat up your monthly data allowance.

It’s a good thing that both Smart and Globe Telecoms have unlimited surfing plans which you can available daily, weekly or monthly.

I’m checking out the app, if you want a new friend, you can add me up on Facebook and on your Farmville account. 🙂

So, what’s next Mafia Wars?

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