Globe Micro SIM is in My iPad

So, I finally got the Globe Micro SIM for my iPad. I got it from Globe Business Center in SM Megamall Cyberzone.  I first learned about this Globe Micro SIM via a tweet from TJ who was then checking it out in Globe Greenbelt 4. I immediately checked out my favorite Globe Hub last Tuesday but was told that the Micro SIM is not yet available in their shop. So, I checked out Globe in Cyberzone Megamall awhile ago and was told that they have the Micro SIM.

It’s a good thing I already have an existing Globe Mobile Plan so I didn’t have to submit any documents anymore. I just accomplished the usual Globe new account form since the Micro SIM is available only under a post paid plan for Php 999. The good news is – it comes with unlimited data surfing plan.

Previously, I was using a cut-out Smart Buddy SIM which I load credits via Smart’s Pasaload. This gets annoying especially if you run out of load and you have no access to a Pasaload Center and you don’t have another mobile phone with Smart Post Paid Plan.

So, Globe Micro SIM with unlimited data suits best for iPad owners who wants to be “always on.” I just hope that Globe’s 3G Signal is better in places where I will use my iPad with no Wi-Fi signal available.

Anyway, my Globe Micro SIM won’t be activated until tomorrow.  Will check out speed and performance and come up with a review as soon as it is activated.

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  1. hi, i’d like to know where you bought your ipad. i had someone buy for me from the states and i have a problem having it activated. apple center said that they didnt have any yet in the Philippines. i was advised to check and try if there would be any in greenhills but im a little doubtful.

    do you possibly have any advise you can give me regarding this?

    Thank you 🙂

  2. How’s the connection? I was wondering how Globe’s service compares to Smart since I’ve heard that Smart also released it’s micro sim.


  3. @Teacher_Star – I bought it also from the US Apple Store. I never had a problem activating. So, what seems to be the problem with your unit?

    @Vera – I’m pretty satisfied with the connection. It’s fast.

  4. they also have micro sim for the iphone4? bought mine in the states for my ipad,i bought the one with just the wi-fi so no need for the micro sim for it..

  5. Hi, Arnold!

    I have an Ipad and I already have my Globe Micro Sim. I would like to ask help how to do with the settings and with the APN, I am having a hard time getting signal.


  6. Hi Arnold, before you said that you are using a cut down smart buddy sim card. what did you do to make it work on your ipad? because i’m currently encountering this “No SIm Installed” problem . Have you heard it? i’m testing a smart buddy cut down sim on my new ipad and kept on encountering this error.


  7. Hi Tom,

    You must have cut your Smart SIM incorrectly. If you’ve cut it the right way, your iPad should instantly read it and connect you to Smart 3G.

  8. Hi Arnold,

    Soon, i’ll having an iphone 4. Is it ok if i use a cut down sim? Is it really working just like the normal sim we have here?

  9. @Jana – Guess what? I just successfully cut a regular Globe SIM (postpaid) into a microSIM and it’s working great! Make sure you cut it right.
    Good luck!

  10. Hi!

    I just want to ask if you happen to know SM Megamall Globe Business Center’s number? I can’t seem to find it anywhere online. Thank you!

  11. Hi! Is it really working great(the microsim)? I’m asking one from my parents, and I’ve been reading reviews and most of it say that the it’s not connecting. Are any of these “reviews” true?

  12. Hi, I bought an iPad2 here in the phils. I cut down my old sim when I inserted it, it has a signal but won’t allow me to send text messages 🙁 how was that?

  13. The iPad 2 doesn’t have the capability to send regular SMS. You can use iMessage or third-party apps that you can get from the App Store.

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