Exclusive Photos: Apple WWDC 2010, iPhone 4 Launch

In case you’ve missed the WWDC Event last night. Here are some great photos of taken by Yves Gonzales aka DobleZeta of Apple-iPh who was lucky enough to have attended the gig. Yes! very lucky indeed for seeing the “god” doing his keynote speech.

Yves was kind enough to share the photos us low-life Filipinos who can’t afford to attend the gig. 🙂

Well, here are the WWDC 2010 photos from the eyes of a Pinoy iPhone app developer – Yves Gonzales.

If you’re on Twitter, you can make him even more famous and follow him -> http://twitter.com/doblezeta

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  1. Not much of a “wow” factor for me, the screen resolution is just what caught my eye… Front camera has been with nokia and htc EVO already…. gyroscope is something but not so much as a selling point but more of a + points for games. multi tasking – finally!

  2. @Joey – Attend tayo ng Philippine launch na lang. hehe

    @Jeff – Yup, in terms of features, other high-end smartphones have it already. It’s definitely for Apple fanboys.

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