Romancing the iPad: First Impressions and Photos

Finally, after getting “detained” at the Customs Bureau for five days, my iPad was finally delivered to me today. But that was after several email rants sent to FedEx as well as paying for “unreasonable” duties and taxes (DT) as assessed by the Bureau of Customs.

Anyway, too cut a long story short I finally got it. It cost me around Php 32+ including shipping and DTs.

My initial impressions after playing with the iPad for a couple of hours – this is indeed a magical device. And I don’t regret any single centavo that  I spent just to get it. The iPad is simply an awesome device BUT that is if you will not compare it with a netbook or an e-book reader. It’s another device genre with a specific targeted user, and that includes me.

Regarding the known issues/problems. Wi-Fi works great. It connects to SM WiFi, my office’s WiFi, and my WiFi at home. Charging is pretty slow but it charges nonetheless.

Typing on the larger virtual keyboard is a breeze. The available apps are cool, but more expensive than the iPhone apps. And there are very few great free apps available from the iPad App Store yet. So to fully enjoy your iPad, you need to spend some amount in getting paid apps.

Overall, I’m impressed with what the iPad can do, and don’t mind what it can not do. Although I would appreciate feature upgrade such as multitasking (a must!).

So there you go, if you’ve been holding back on your plans in getting the iPad, well If you don’t mind paying for a crippled netbook with so many cool features – get the iPad.

Here are some more photos:

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  1. I really like mine, the only negative thing is that the photo transfer kit isn’t out yet…but we only have to wait a few more weeks. I do wish that it had the capability out of the box to use the iPhone data connection.

  2. Great to know that you’re enjoying your iPad to Chris. I also ordered the camera dock kit but it won’t be arriving until first week of May.

  3. Hey Arnold! Finally found someone in the office with an iPad! Got mine this morning and would really love to learn/share info with you (teach me a few tricks, hahaha!).

    Ces Tuason

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