LowerPro FastPack 250 DSLR and Laptop Bag

Finally got one of these DSLR Camera and Laptop Bag by LowerPro – FastPack 250. The backpack is a pretty good one and what I like about it is the fact that it gives your laptop a good protection with a sturdy support on the back.

The bag can accomodate a DSLR body, three lenses and some other camera accessories.

For the laptop compartment, it fits up to 15.4-inch laptops and has a padded compartment.

On top of the bag is a spacious compartment where you can place other stuff.

The LowerPro FastPack cost around Php4,800.00 and I got it from iClick Store.

Now, I’m all packed for some road trips in the coming days.

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  1. Arnold,
    I’ve been using Lowepro flipside 300 for almost a year now that I purchased from http://www.dslrbagstore.com/. It is compact and lightweight. Which one is better flipside 300 or fastpack 250? I’m trying to find the perfect DSLR bag in terms of protection it can give to my camera. Thanks!

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