Details of Smart Philippines HTC Magic with Unlimited Surfing Data Plan

A couple of weeks ago, some tech blogs reported about Smart Philippines’ promo for the HTC Magic phone with unlimited internet surfing. The data plan cost Php 1,800/mo. It got me interested since I’m looking for a good data plan that I can use with my Google Nexus One.

Now, finally Smart Philippines has put up an official promo page for the said data plan offering. And you can find it here. To give you a brief summary of the Smart Philippines HTC Magig data plan with unlimited internet surfing, read on after the jump.

New applications for HTC Magic plans are subject to a 24-month lock-in period. Interested applications must bring the following documents: Valid ID, Proof of Billing, Latest Financial Documents (COE or W2). Subscribers can also avail of the this handset via credit card application together with a Valid ID. Smart credit guidelines will apply.

*Plan 1800 includes Unlimited Data for browsing and email with P600 consumable amount  for voice and SMS usage. Also available at Plan 2500 with unlimited data and P1300 consumable amount for voice and SMS usage. Also available at Plans 500, 800 and 1200 with applicable cash-out for handset and bill above for  unlimited data. Standard rates for consumable amount will apply.

**Applicants are required to pay upfront the handset cost (P8500), 1-month Unlisurf 1200 registration, and advance monthly service fee (Plan 300). Gold Lite HTC Magic plans also available for Plan 500, Plan 800, Plan 1200, Plan 1800 and Plan 2500. Gold Lite Applicants may continue Unlisurf registration after 1st month subscription by pre-paying the package at the nearest SMART Wireless Center. New applications for HTC Magic Gold Lite plan are subject to a 6-month lock-in period. First –time applicants must bring 1 valid ID with an address. Smart credit Guidelines will apply.

It’s a very practical solution especially if you want all the push notifications of various mobile apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and other mobile apps updates without worrying about incurring to much data charges.

While there is already an available data plan for prepaid subscribers, this one for postpaid eliminates the need to sign in everytime your load is consumed.

If you’re heavy on mobile data usage, this is a pretty good option. Now, I’m really tempted to get it.

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