Apple iPad Hitting Stores on April 3, Pre-Order Starts March 12 – For U.S. Only!

Why Apple? Why are you not including our humble country from the list of countries where your magical Apple iPad will make an appearance soon? Most of us Pinoy geeks love Apple products. We’ve patronized the iPhone, iPod Touch, Nanos, Mac’s, iMacs and even the faulty Magic Mouse. So, how come you’re not making the iPad available to us the same day that other countries will be getting it?

Sorry folks, I just carried away by this being neglected once again from this momentous occasion in Apple history. In other words I want the iPad and I want it the same day that American Apple fanboys will be getting it.

Anyway, in case you haven’t  read about it – the iPad will be available on April 3 and you can start pre-ordering 6 days from now. That is if you are located in the U.S. and some other countries excluding ours. Delivery date will be on April 3 for the iPad Wi-Fi edition and last week of April for the Wi-Fi+3G.

Now, it’s time to explore all possible means to get this magical Apple product called the iPad. So help me God.

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