Globe Offers the BlackBerry Bold 9700 for Free!

Of course there’s a catch to the title of this post and that is to get the latest and possibly the best BlackBerry device to date, the Bold 9700 you have to shell out at least Php 3,799 a month for 24 months lock-in period.  The lowest BlackBerry Plan would cost you Php 1,599 monthly with a 24-months lock-in period. If you don’t want to get tied-up on a 24 binding contract, you can get the BlackBerry Bold 9700 unlock for Php 28, 995.

If there is such a thing as Gadget Acquisition Syndrome (GAS), there must be a SAS (Smartphone Acquisition Syndrome) as well.  And I think I’m getting hit by it badly. In other words I want this BlackBerry Bold 9700 and I want it now. 🙂

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