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So after a couple of days using the Google Nexus One, I guess it’s time to come up with a review. This post is actually a shorter version of the full review that I published here. This is more of an initial comment, view on the Nexus One that will most probably answer the queries of those who are planning to take the “hard route” of geting this precious Google phone despite the fact that it is not yet available for sale in other countries other than U.K., U.S., Hong Kong and Singapore.

So here goes, my quick review of the Google Nexus One in the Philippines:Design and Form Factor – To sum up, I would like to quote what a friend told me when I showed him my Nexus One – “It looks better than the iPhone.”  To use another analogy closer to our hearts Filipino, if the iPhone is a Nokia as the Nexus One is a Sony Ericsson. Or better yet, looking at the iPhone and Nexus One side by side, the iPhone looks like the female while the Nexus One the male.

Texting using the Virtual Keyboard – Of course we Filipinos love this to text. If you’ve grown accustomed to the iPhone’s virtual keyboard or any other touchscreen smartphone for that matter, it’s the same with the Nexus One’s virtual keyboard. Although, I find it a little harder sometimes.  The Nexus One also have predictive text input which you can turn on/off easily.

Texting using Voice-to-Text Feature – This is one key feature of the Nexus One that you will either hate or love. What this feature does is to let you input text messages by speaking it out. Works like a dictation machine. While this could come in handy especially when you are driving, the problem is this seems like a beta version. So expect some kinks while using it. I’m not really sure whether this is connected with the Nexus One’s network or what but some times I get an error message that said “no network” or something. But when it’s fully working, the only minor problem you’d probably encounter is the wrong transcription. I don’t know if  I’m not speaking clearly or the feature is really buggy. Although, I’m more inclined to believe that it’s in the way I speak. And it tends to slow down as well, especially if you don’t speak clearly – which is always the case with me. 🙂 Still, a great, innovative feature!

Camera – As you all probably know by now, the Nexus One has a 5MP camera with auto focus and LED Flash. By standard this is a good camera to have for a mobile phone.  Picture quality is decent enough, even better than the iPhone’s of course. One thing I noticed is that the Nexus One’s camera is slower than the iPhone.

3G Connectivity – Works well with Globe 3G. Signal is so far so good, unbelievably.

Wi-Fi – Web browsing through Wi-Fi is a breeze, highlights the Android’s capability.

Android Apps – Although not as many as the iTunes App Store, the Android Market is continously building up. And with the release of the Nexus One, its catalog would certainly grow by leaps and bounds. I’ve already installed a couple of good apps (Facebook, Twidroid, Google Goggles, etc) and they all work pretty well.

Android Market – I have yet to download a paid apps so I haven’t really tested whether it is possible to purchase an app if you’re outside the U.S. But for free apps, the Android Market works well through Wi-Fi. Downloads apps faster than the iPhone.

There you go. If you want a full, detailed review check out

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  1. Jack Jacob, I understand that they will not honor the warranty, but do they have the means to repair it at least?

  2. The Telephone No. of HTC service center is 7283388 you can inquire what are the procedures in repairing your HTC Nexus one.

  3. Yes Carl they have the means of repairing Nexus one since HTC is HTC Just give them a call 7283388 Mondays to Fridays 9 am to 6 pm.Good luck

  4. I called up the HTC service center. Unfortunately, they will not repair the Nexus One because they claim they lack the training. Looks like we’ll have to look elsewhere…

  5. Carl I got mine repaired in Hongkong a friend of mine went to Hongkong and ask him to bring it to Srvice Center there. Now its working perfectly except for the froyo 2.2 update I dont have it yet.

  6. Sir, Arnold this might be out off topic but i came across in one of your forum that you discuss about the worldmate for blackberry. I have a Blackberry 9700 and I downloaded the world mate it does not work unless i open it with my network provider (smart) which i dont like since addtional expense on my part. How do I launch it and use it using my wifi connection only.( I dowloaded free version only)

  7. But Beware you will be charged by smart if you dont put off your wifi connectivity just like mine.

  8. Use APNAndroid to toggle ON and OFF your 3G connectivity, it’s a small app/widget that is very useful and will save you lots of money.

  9. I got my FROYO 2.2 OTA update. I hope everybody else who owns Nexus one in the philippines got theirs too.

  10. Anybody of you who has the GPRS and MMS settings for SMART? Since i updated mine to froyo 2.2 my old smart GPRS and MMS settings is now not working with my nexus one.

  11. To Sir J do you have Smart MMS GPRS settings that is working on froyo 2.2 my old settings seems not compatible with froyo. 2.2

  12. I was Wondering If anyone of you a ( Nexus One Owner in the philippines) Has a new GPRS and MMS settings for Smart. My previous Smart GPRS and MMS Settings only works for Eclair 2.1 Now that I updated to 2.2 froyo it dont work at all.

  13. Mr. Gerry C. How do I set the MMS and GPRS because you have three settings which i will follow !. 3g settings 2. MMS settings and 3. GPRS settings The first explanation which i saw in New APN on my phone

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