Google Nexus One Arrives in the Philippines, Unboxing Photos

Finally, after 10 days of waiting, my Google Nexus One arrived this afternoon via Johnny Air Cargo. In case you’re wondering how I was able to get it shipped via Johnny Air, the work-around was suggested by Yugatech. But instead of using MyUSMailbox, I used Johnny Air Cargo instead since I’ve already coursed several of my Amazon orders through them and I did not experience any hitches.

To cut the long story short, I got my Google Nexus One. And just like a child who just received a new toy, I was overwhelmed by the fact that I am now a proud owner of a Google Android Phone.

The Nexus One one works fine with my 3G postpaid sim. But I haven’t really tested the 3G functionality. I tried connecting to the Internet using 3G but kept on getting errors. Will have to take a closer look into this issue as this might be the same issue encountered by others who have the unlocked Google Nexus One.

But if you hooked it up to the Internet via 3G, the phone runs well. Android is definitely fast.

I’m loving the interface as well. The apps icon are smaller than the iPhone apps icons but both look sleek. Downloading apps from the Android Market was a breeze as well. I quickly downloaded and installed Twidroid app and it runs great.

So, far, I’m loving it. If the iPhone is like a high-end version of a Nokia fun mobile phone, the Google Nexus One is more like a Sony Ericsson.  Geeks would definitely love it.

Will post a detailed review as soon as I get to play with the Google Nexus One in the next few days. In the meantime, here are some more photos.

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  1. @Bong – How’d you course your order through the NJ office? Could you forward the instructions to my email? Thanks so much. =)

  2. hi! anybody who could teach me how to buy nexus online, how is the payment? and how is the delivery?just new to purchasing online. just because of this nexus one im dying to have one. help!!!

  3. Hi, wanted to ask if the app Car Home (navigator) for the Nexus One works in the Philippines as well?

  4. Arnold, just a follow-up on my previous question.. what do you mean by “except for the Navigation Option”?

  5. still can’t get Globe 3g to work. tried and but no 3g icon in sight. =\ I tried putting also the proxy settings provided on other sites. (prepaid)

  6. So I’m preparing for my visit to the Philippines with my Nexus One.

    One question I have is how do you charge your phone? Are you using the charger that came with the package? Or did you buy a converter?

    I appreciate all the answers you’ve already provided above! :]

  7. Question, which should I select when buying a Nexus One? ATT or Tmobile? I’m a Globe Postpaid subsciber. I ‘m worried because a friend of mine said that if I choose ATT, 3G will not work in the Philippines.

  8. I have a pair of Nexus Ones for me and a friend at Hong Kong, kaso di umabot sa isa pa naming friend ko na uuwi. What’s the best way to send it back to Manila and how much tax should I expect to pay?


  9. Can’t wait for froyo 2.2 … even iPhone 4 can’t match nexus one… android will be the mobile OS of the future

  10. HEADS UP!! I’m from the USA and am currently in Cebu. I’ve installed a SMART Buddy sim and used the settings for 3G and MMS and it does work. HOWEVER ~ the Nexus One is constantly using the internet to check email, third party apps checking for updates and it sucks up your prepaid minutes insanely fast. In less than a week I’ve gone through three cards (1300 pesos total).

    I’ve decided to delete the 3G settings. It just isn’t worth it. SMART does have an unlimited monthly web access option but I can’t figure it out. Today I went to the SMART store and the guy just smiled at me and said, “we don’t” support this phone”.

  11. @Thumdar – Just load up your Smart SIM with Php50 or Php300 and then visit Explore the site and you will find how to activate unlimited surfing per day or per week. It works on my N1.

  12. I have had my N1 in February but still cant make it work on Smart 3G, I envy my wife shes on globe… doesnt seem to work on my N1 please help ty

  13. Why is my 3g icon shows ony G in the notification bar? When I’m watch nexus one videos it should be 3G. I think this only the edge network. Please help. How can you get the 3G speeds? My apn and apn name is set to


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