Want YugaTech on your Phone? There’s an App for that!


Now, I would have to admit that this one rocked me when I found out about it. Yup, that’ s native iPhone App for YugaTech.com.  It’s a simple app made especially for YugaTech’s fans.  It’s a free app and eats only around 0.8MB of your iPhone’s storage.Feature-wise, it’s a straight-out RSS version of  YugaTech the blog. And it’s optimized for comment as well. So, can immediately post your comments on any of the posts that you are reading.

If my memory serves me right, this is the first Pinoy blog that got turned into an iPhone app. (Correct me if I’m wrong)

And also the app is supported by ads, right Abe?

Anyway, it’s a pretty solid apps. Love the auto-cache feature, so you can read the blog posts offline.

More features in the next updates? How about Push notification when new posts are published? That would be awesome.

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